Childhood senses

Take a walk down memory lane, reminded of all the little things you've forgotten.


1. Remember when...

Eating a slice of cake at a friends party,

Licking the sweet ice cream whilst gazing at the sunset,

Tasting the bitterness a lemon whilst on holiday,

Drinking fruity cocktails by the pool,


Smelling the fragrence of freshly cut grass on a summers day,

Breathing in the fresh air at the top of the Wrekin,

Inhailing the salty sea breeze, whilst walking down a long wooden pier,


Listening to your favoriate music when you're down,

Hearing the sound of birds at dawn,

Eavesdropping in on schools parents evenings,


Seeing the smile on somebody's face.

Watching yourself dance in the mirror,

Gazing at the stars in a clear night sky,

Looking at the summer fade away, into the arms of winter,

Staring at something for so long, you can go into a daze,

Inspecting the birds nest for eggs on a spring morning,

Observing the colour of somebody's eyes,


Taking in each day, which you can cherish for life.                                                                                                          

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