Cruising through

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  • Published: 16 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2012
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When Bethany goes on a cruise for two weeks, she gets a sudden surprise. Turns out her favorite band, One Direction, is on the cruise as well! When she runs into a blonde Irish boy from the band, how will she react? And what will happen in the end?


2. The crowd and the boy.

I walked back over to my bed and arranged everything.  If I was going to be here for two weeks, I wasn't going to let everything be a mess.  I heard the shower running in the bathroom, and I looked around the room.  It must be Dad freshening up.  Mom was helping Mark with all of his stuff.

When I had put everything away, I plopped down on the bed and grabbed a book.  "Really Bethany?" I heard Mark say.  "What?" I asked looking up from my book.  "We come on cruise and you bring a book? Really?"  I nodded as rudely as I could and went back to reading.  No one understood my love for books.  No matter where I was at, I always had one.  

"James!" I heard Mom yell. "Are you almost ready?"  Dad came walking out of the bathroom with a towel in his hand.  "Yeah." He said. "What do I do with this?" He held up the towel.  "Just leave it in there.  Someone is supposed to get all the dirty towels." Mom said picking up her purse.  I marked my place in the book and got off the bed.  "Where are we going?" I asked walking over to Mom.  "We're gonna get something to eat." She said.  "Yes!" I heard Mark yell springing off his bed. "I'm starved!"


Niall's P.O.V.

When we had finally made it past all the paparazzi  and onto the boat, we rushed up to our room.  Our room was on the second floor, and it was huge.  I mean huge!  It was a good thing though considering it was going to hold five boys.  The only thing bad about it was it didn't have a fridge.  That kind of bummed me out.  

"How are we gonna do anything with all these screaming girls chasing us around?" Zayn asked walking over to a full sized bed.  He put his bags on top and started going through them.  "It'll be all right mate." Liam said from his bed. "We've dealt with it before."  Zayn nodded and went into the bathroom.  I walked over to the last remaining bed and put all my stuff away.  I grabbed a bag of chips out of my emergency bag and sat down on the bed.  Louis walked over and grabbed a chip for himself. 

"So what does everyone want to do first?" Zayn asked walking out of the bathroom.  "I think we should just go see what all is on the cruise." Harry said walking over and grabbing a chip for himself.  I had a feeling my emergency stash wasn't going to last long.  "That sounds like a great idea." Louis said.  By now everyone was grabbing chips out of the bag.  I handed the bag to Harry and got up off the bed. 

"How are we going to do this?" I asked leaning against the wall.  "What do you mean?" Liam asked.  "As soon as we step out of that door, we're going to get mobbed." I stated.  Liam thought about it for a minute.  "That's what the bodyguards are for." He said swallowing a chip.  "They've already left." I reminded him.  "Oh. That's right." He looked down at the floor.

"How about we have a little fun?" Louis asked standing up.  "What kind of fun?" Harry asked.  A smile played across Louis's lips.  "All right!" He said huddling down.  "Here's the plan.  Liam," He said pointing. "run for the closest elevator.  Harry, you wait here and leave after everyone else.  Zayn, run for the elevator with Liam.  Niall, run for the elevator down the hall and go up.  I'll stay here with Harry.  Everyone understand?"  Everyone nodded and walked over to the door.

"Ready?" Liam asked grabbing the door knob.  "Ready." We all said nodding.


Bethany's P.O.V.

Halfway through dinner, I started getting nauseous.  "Hun, are you all right?" Mom asked looking over at me.  "I don't feel so good." I said shaking my head.  "Why don't you go on up to the room?" Mom said.  I nodded my head and got up from our table.  "We're still gonna check everything out if it's all right with you." Dad said.  I nodded. "That's fine."  

I went back to the lobby and road the second elevator up.  As I got off the elevator,  I saw a door knob on a wall.  I looked closer and realized it was a door.  It blended into the wall.  'Roof' was carved into the door if you looked close enough.  I bet nobody even noticed this door was here.

I continued walking down the hall until I got to my room.  I opened the door and walked inside.  I lay down on my bed and burrowed my face into my pillow.  I closed my eyes and controlled my breathing.  I was almost asleep when I heard a bunch of screaming.  I got up and walked out into the hall.  Before I knew it, I had been pushed into the wall, and I hit my head.  I fell to the ground and grabbed my head.  At-least twenty girls went running down the hall.

"Are you all right?" I heard a strong Irish accent.  I looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes.  I groaned and nodded my head.  He helped me up off of the floor.  "I'm sorry." He said.  "Let me help you to your room."  He grabbed my arm and gave me support.  I unlocked the door and stepped inside.  "Thank you." I said managing a smile.  Who was this boy?  I had seen him before.  

I heard the screaming again, and it hit me.  Niall Horan!  That's why all the girls were screaming.  I grabbed his arm and jerked him inside.  "Wait here." I said closing the door.  I left it cracked and walked out into the hall.  I looked down the hall and saw the girls standing around looking confused.  I gathered my breath and started screaming.  "There he is!" I said jumping up and down.  "He just went down the elevator!  Oh my gosh! I can't believe it's Niall Horan!"

I hurried back into my room and watched all the girls run by.  They were pushing each other to get on the elevator.  Some were smart and ran down the stairs.  "That should give you time." I said turning to Niall.  "Thanks," He said with a smile. "but I really don't know where to go now.  I'm sure not going back down there."  I grabbed his arm.  "Follow me." I said leading him out into the hall.

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