Cruising through

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  • Published: 16 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2012
  • Status: Complete
When Bethany goes on a cruise for two weeks, she gets a sudden surprise. Turns out her favorite band, One Direction, is on the cruise as well! When she runs into a blonde Irish boy from the band, how will she react? And what will happen in the end?


23. Thank you all so much!


Hey there everyone!  So the story's over.  What did ya think?  I really hope you liked it.  Please let me know what you think.  I'm thinking about writing another Fanfiction.  Do you think I should?  But anyways, I just wanted to thank you all SOOO much for reading my story.  You really don't know how much it means to me.   And your feedback makes it worth so much more.  I thank you all soo much!  Hope you're all doing good.  I love everyone!


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