Cruising through

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  • Published: 16 Aug 2012
  • Updated: 4 Nov 2012
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When Bethany goes on a cruise for two weeks, she gets a sudden surprise. Turns out her favorite band, One Direction, is on the cruise as well! When she runs into a blonde Irish boy from the band, how will she react? And what will happen in the end?


19. Cheering up

~Liam's P.O.V~

It took me by surprise when I heard Bethany's voice near by.  I hadn't really expected anybody was around.  It felt good to talk to someone though.  I could see in her eyes she really did care.  I could see she wanted to help me.  The only thing I asked from her was that she wouldn't tell anybody.  I wanted to tell the boys myself.  

It all happened so quickly.  I loved Daniel.  I really did, but it was all becoming too much.  I can't imagine how hard it was for her.  I know it was hard for me.  I've went through break ups before, but nothing really like this.  I had been with Daniel for about two years.  I thought we could make it through anything.  I guess I was wrong.  

After I got off of the phone with her, I felt the tears coming up.  I rushed up to my room not wanting anyone to see.  When I opened the door, I saw Niall and Bethany there.  I froze where I was and didn't know what to do.  They weren't really doing anything bad.  Just kissing, but I still felt like I was interrupting.  I walked over to my bed and grabbed a book.  I had to have some reason to come to the room.  I didn't want them to know I came up to cry.

~Bethany's P.O.V~

I laid wrapped in Niall's arms until the sun went down.  We had had an amazing time at the beach.  We swam, built sand castles, joked around.  It was one of the best days I had ever had, but I couldn't get Liam off of my mind.  I was a fan of One Direction.  I knew all of the boys.  I spent nights fangirling in my room, though I would never tell Niall that.  I just couldn't stand the thought of Liam crying.  It broke my heart.  The hardest part was he had asked me not to tell anyone.  Now I had to act like I knew nothing. 

"Are you all right?"  I head Niall ask.  I looked up to see him looking down at me.

"I'm perfectly fine." I said smiling up at him.  "Are you okay?"

"I'm more than okay."  He bent down and gave me a kiss on the forehead.  I smiled and leaned my head against his chest.

~Niall's P.O.V~

I held Bethany close as the sun set behind the horizon.  I know how much she loved sunsets.  When the sun had gone down and everything was dark, we gathered our stuff and went back onto the ship.  She told me she would see me later, giving me a quick kiss.  I went up to my room and took a quick shower.  I grabbed my phone and dialed up Liam.  I asked if he wanted to get together and have dinner tonight.  He said sure, and I called up the rest of the boys.  

We went to the little restaurant on the ship for dinner that night.  They had great food.  We were setting there, joking around when Liam said he had something to tell us.  We all got quiet and waited.  He told us he and Daniel had broken up.  No one knew what to say.

"Mate, I'm so sorry."  Harry finally said.  

"Is there anything we can do?" Louis asked.

"Everything's fine lads." Liam said looking around at all of us.  "It was for the best.  I just wanted to tell you all."

We took Liam to the game room that night.  We did everything to try and take his mind off of it.  It worked for the most part, but every once in a while, I would see his frown reappear.  Liam was the nicest guy I knew.  I couldn't stand to see him hurt.     

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