The Hunted

All her life, Alice has been hunted mercilessness. Not just her though, all witches and warlocks are hunted. The government won't stop until they are extinct, and these, "abominations" are no more. Sadly, even humanity deems them demons, and wishes them to be abolished. Maybe someday she can stop running, but with no salvation in sight, hope runs dry.


1. Prologue.




My whole life, my kind and I are hunted down, slaughtered like abominations to this planet. Nothing more than a freak show that has grown old. You run and run, but it doesn't matter they always find you. My parents purged in front of my eyes, burned to nothing but ashes of what was life. The sad part is, you have no time to cry. There is no time for that.

I think the humans burn us for the irony, or maybe its in respects to the old days of witch hunting. We feel just the same as them, we cry just the same as them, we even die just the same as them. My mother told me never to put hate upon someone, because that hate leads to more anger and anger blinds you. How can i ever have any feeling towards them besides hate. She would comes back with, "They're just scared of different." Humans can burn in hell for all I care, Nothing more then scared children with the idea that man is the superior organism on this rock, except children are not as cruel as those monsters. 

     I remember the first time I cast fire from my hand, and in a instance they were ablaze. Screaming in terror from what I have done. I was ten, and my parents wanted to go to the park, like any other normal day before that one. I was walking to the public bathrooms, when two, older, boys were being brash and trying to ask me to come with them. We all know what they intended, don't sit there and say they didn't deserve it. A young girl, and to the naked eye, a weak and innocent one. Being normal circumstances, they could have grabbed me and forced me to there car, never to be heard of again. Unfortunately for them, I was nothing listed above. The more I refused, the more they persisted. They grabbed my arm, and the next thing I remember was my hand sticking straight out. The once bothersome boys were no more, nothing but lifeless, burnt, corpse.

Attention caught quick, not to a girl being kidnapped, but to a witch. The other parents and children, started screaming and yelling. They pointed, calling out, "Whore!", "Witch!", and "Demon!". I wasn't even sure what was happening at the moment, but they continued to scream murder in my face. I fell to my knees, crying out for my parents. 

Someone mentioned burning me, and that idea plagued their minds fast. The fathers pulled me over to them, blindfolding and gagging me. I started to panic into a complete hysteria, then it got quite suddenly. 

I felt my parents warm embrace, as they untied me. I looked around, only to find smoldering bodies, of dozens of families. I could hear police sirens, and an even louder siren echoing throughout the town. That was the witch call, telling all citizens to be alert.  It was an eerie sound; one that still makes me cringe. 

This siren existed as a warning, but to the people, it was like a starting buzzer to go out and hunt. They took joy in hunting us, not just the government. Spoon fed lies about us being evil; of course were not all angles, but humans can be just as corrupt. 

I was running with my parents, but i could hear the police get closer. We could only run so long. My father looked desperately at me, then smiled at my mother. She nodded, then proceeded to put me in large dumpster. I freaked out, as i got the gist of what they were doing. I didn't want to leave them, and struggled at first. My father kissed me on my forehead and spoke he is final words, "Ali, I love you, more than anything. It's time for your mother and i, to stop running."

"No!" I pleaded.

"I've been running all my life, and going out, protecting something i treasure more than my own life, feels like a good way to go."

"Daddy, please don't say that!" Tears overflowed my face.

"Alice, you will make a difference in this world, I've seen it; I just wish i could be there for you, but that's not my place. My place is to make sure you live. Goodbye, Ali.

He hugged me tightly, and as he pulled away, i could feel all his tears across my cheek. My mother gave me a hug as well, but held on longer. My father pulled her away, and they closed the lid to the dumpster. 

It was dark, smelly, and was only a precursor, of what was to come. My parents ran as far from me as they could, and embraced death, as if it was a some holy nirvana. I heard the flames, and i heard the screams. I never cried as hard as i did then, but they weren't tears of sadness; yet they were tears of vengeance. 

To this day, i still haven't shed one tear; that was the day my humanity died.      







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