The Hunted

All her life, Alice has been hunted mercilessness. Not just her though, all witches and warlocks are hunted. The government won't stop until they are extinct, and these, "abominations" are no more. Sadly, even humanity deems them demons, and wishes them to be abolished. Maybe someday she can stop running, but with no salvation in sight, hope runs dry.


2. Chapter One.



Three years later, post-prior to my parents death, I made my way to the biggest city in the country: Domain City. This city was horribly corrupt and incredibly massive; a perfect place to hide in. With so many faces wandering about, mine disappeared. Odd how such a disgusting place, held home to our totalitarian leader, or was that the point? He was the one that made this city after all.

I was only thirteen at the time, but life had already matured me far beyond my years. At first, I had trouble getting by, and had to sleep in the streets; but one person helped me out. His name was Jet, and he too, was a caster. His tall, slim, physic, and strong looking face, had me almost falling for him at one point; but those feelings hold nothing to me now.

Jet was a runaway, so I clung to him pretty fast. He taught me everything there was, from stealing food, finding nice places to sleep, and how to even defend myself. We ran the streets, and I even picked up a name for myself: Little Ember. That name is obviously explained from my short and petite status, and my ability to cast fire.     

All casters, like myself, have their own niche as a witch or warlock. Take, Jet, for instance; he has the ability to accelerate any bit of momentum, to unbelievable speeds. You even talk, and he could speed up your jaw so fast, that it rips right off. I've seen him do it. 

As for me, I can make and control fire. It's rare for any witch to be able to control fire, even more so, to make it. All I need for requirements is, oxygen and my own energy. Even Jet fears my powers, and stays back when I start casting.

All witches alike, fear my power more than anything. Witch burnings didn't just start for fun, we are vulnerable to fire. For humans, fire can hurt and burn them, but for us, it spreads at an alarming rate; nearly consuming us in seconds. Just one touch can be fetal, if it's not put out that instance. Honestly, I'm not sure what would happen if I, specifically, touched fire, but you won't be seeing me try it anytime soon. 

Getting back to Jet and I, It was getting to year now, of us making a living on the street. We made a homestead in a criminal filled apartment, and believe me, there was many tenants who enjoyed a young girl around. I was terrified, but with Jet around, my worries were put to rest. Every time, any man tried to make a move or advance on me, Jet would break them; and I mean 'break' them. As much as I hate him now, I have to admit, if Jet wasn't there of for me, I would probably be dead.

His eighteenth birthday was coming up, and I wanted to do something nice for him. I thought of things to buy him, but Jet was a non-materialist. His thick, leather, vest, accommodated by a fluffy lining, was the only object he cared for. 

We never ate to well, so I thought, maybe making a decent dinner would be a nice gesture. Normally, I would wear a black, non-diversified, outfit, but for this occasion, I decided to get a nicer clothing. On a basic day I had a long trench coat that reached under my knees, light and easy. Underneath, I had a linen sweater, with thin shorts. Wearing those shorts tended to be cold, so I wore knee high socks to fix that.

Deciding to be more formal, I bought a thin, beautifully-white, summer dress. I used the money we 'confiscated', from drug dealers and other lowlifes. I remember, being in the bathroom, and looking at how well, my pitch-black hair complemented my white dress. My mother never wanted me to cut it, and loved how silky and straight it was. 

Things were coming together, and I was actually happy for once. I can't remember what I made for dinner; it couldn't have been that great, considering I was still learning how to cook. It was starting to get late, and I was getting worried. I was about to pass out, then the clock made it to twelve, and the alarm jolted me awake. It made my heart jump, but as soon as i calmed myself down, the door was barged opened.

I went to my feet, and waited to fry anything that came through the door. Unfortunately, it was a drunk Jet,  trying to keep his footing. At that time, I didn't know he drank, or maybe he was having his own party. Whatever it was, I lost a lot of respect for him that moment, and this was only the start.

I remember him saying, something like, "O-oh hey...Alice! I didn't know you would be here!"

"I, um, live here...", I didn't know what to say, I was having a hard time even looking at him like that.

"Oh yeah! Duh...Hey! Did you k-know it was birthday to-um-today.", His words were so slurred, I wasn't even sure if that was what he said.

"I know Jet, I made us some...", I looked at him wobbling around, still drinking the bottle he brought in with him, "...nothing."

"Y-you made us some...nothing? Hahahaha! That's weird!"

"Jet why don't you-"

"You know, Alice...I really enjoy your company!"

"And I enjoy-"

"Shhhh!", Jet came running up to me, holding his finger to my lips, and grabbing on to my left arm. I was scared, and disgusted at the same time. "Listen, Ali...I...", Jet started to left his head towards mine. I knew what he was trying to do, and I started to panic. His right hand was sliding down my dress, and everything felt so wrong.

I tried backing up as much as I could, but his grip was getting tighter. I didn't know what to do, so I yelled, "No!". I lifted my hand out to push his face back, but fire came flying out. I can still remember Jet's face, as the flame was millimeters from was his face. He looked like a deer, waiting for his death as the headlights came closer.

I didn't mean to cast fire, but I was terrified; I was only thirteen. As soon as the flames hit him, I was able to retract it, making sure the fire didn't spread, but Jet was already in a frenzy. He must of thought the flames hit him, because right as he felt pain, he ran to the sink drowning his head in the water.

I knew the fire hit, and I was hesitant to see what scarring I may have done. This whole experience left me petrified in place, and I was unsure of what to do. After Jet stopped screaming, I tried to get closer, but he stopped me, "Just get out of here!", his voice was monstrous sounding.

I was hurt, but that quickly turned into anger. I was mad and pissed off, that Jet was the one to do that to me, and then he kicks me out. I was glad to go, because the Jet I saw that night wasn't the one I knew. I grabbed my clothes and left, and to this day, I still haven't seen him.

I used what Jet taught me, and continued my life the same. I didn't need him anymore, and I felt a little empowered by that. That time in my life, I learned not to trust anybody, so from then on, I lived alone. 

Now, here I am, about two years later, alone and in a darkened apartment. I sat on the window seal and watched as the excitement from the winter parade, filled the hearts of all the families down there. I was envious that all those kids were able to live normal lives, while I had to live in this hellhole, just to survive another day. 

Christmas and New Years was coming, but those dates would just past, just like everything in my life has. Almost sixteen years of living on this horrible excuse for a planet, and I have yet to fine one redeeming quality of it. My birthday was much more like original concept for it; long ago, they use to celebrate your first birthday as a testament that you lived one year, except it's like that every year for me. Even the nice things on this planet, are either taken away, or turned against you.

My parents always talked about how special I was for being a New Years baby, but what's so special about it? They also said I would end this blight, but nothing in my life has come to some great realization or some epic climax. Why would I want to save anything anyways? Life has taught me only pain and suffering. There is nothing in this world worth saving.


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