Gotta Be You,Or You...

Will it be love,or will louise have to make a big desision?


4. Zayn

So met the boys alltogether for the first time and i felt like id known them for months,but it was hours.But something happened in there that i dare not tell Harry.If i did he would end out relationship.I dont want that,im writing this to you.Whoever you are.Yourve read the other bit of my story,im here telling you my life.My feelings.So...what happened.


One word.Zayn.As soon as i walked into that room he looked at me and i felt like we had met before,we connected with eachother more than me and Harry did.I walked into the kitchen for a drink and Zayn followed me.I got worried at this point,he stood behind me and hugged me. "Zayn,what are you doing?"i asked him."Louise,listen,Harry,hes a player,he used girls.Be careful,if your worried come to me."Zayn was serious.I was really really worried that Harry was cheating or using me now.I had to tell him what happened.But that wasnt it.Zayn stood opposite me.And as youve probly guessed yes,he kissed me and i walked away and sat by Harry.


Ineeded to tell Harry about this...but im not confident when it comes to stuff like this.I managed to wisk Harry to the nearest bedroom."Harry,i need to tell you something..."i was shaking."What is it ,you dont seem normal,are you okay?"Harry sounded more worried than i did."Listen Harry,its Zayn he got me in the kitchen and i needed to tell you.He hugged me then told me that your a player.."i had to force this out of me."He did what!!!Whats his problem?"Harry had his head in his hands...."And then h-he kissed me.But i walked away,i had to tell you Harry."He still had his head in his hands,then he sniffed..there is was,Harry Styles,crying over jelousy.Not an everyday thing."W-Why would he do such a thing?" I didnt know what to say to Harry."Harry you need to tell him to back off.Please,I love you,and only you.It cant be me to tell him.Its gotta be you.

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