Gotta Be You,Or You...

Will it be love,or will louise have to make a big desision?


2. So…us?

Me and Harry were practically made for each other,we loved what has happened just then but to be honest,did this mean we were back together,your probly thinking its a yes,but Harry isn't as easy as that.I walked over to Harry,hours had passed since the kiss,so I asked him ' H-Harry,'I stuttered,' Does this mean that were,you know,an item now?' I looked at him with strained eyes...'Look Louise,I can see that you love me and all that,but I don't know if I'm ready for all this again'he chuckled, I stood and stared at him,I froze,why would he do all that and not get with me again,and why was he laughing?? I'm so puzzled right now,so I had to have a go at him,I couldn't help it.'Harry!Why would you do all that and tell me that were not together!?'I raised my voice.'Louise,calm down,ok-' he chuckled louder,'give me one reason why we shouldn't be together?' I was really stuck now.'There isn't one...' I sat down on my sofa and I looked at him,straight at his smug face.'Exactly!' Harry smiled,he stood up and grabbed my arms to stand me up too.He was still laughing at me.'Harry I hate it when you do tha-' He stopped me before I could finished my sentence,he didn't interrupt me though,he kissed me.But I was glad that I didn't have to make this move again...I think he was expecting me to finish my sentence,but I just carried on kissing him,and we stopped all of a sudden,not me though.Harry.He was looking out the window,towards his house,I wondered what he was staring at.'My moms here,I promised her I would be there when she got back,she's just come home from a couple of weeks in Spain,to see my cousin.Louise I have to go but ill text you when she's out tomorrow.I promise,and I never break promises!' Harry rushed his speech,but I got it all.'Ok Harry,I love you.'I waved and did what I thought was a cute smile.'I love you too babe,see you tomorrow!'He ran to the back door of his home and I think he pulled it off,not the door but the stunt..all I did that night was sit down and think.About what I would do with Harry tommorow,I was dyin to meet his mates,Louis,Liam,Zayn and Niall,obviously irish,i knew they were the worlds biggest boyband,but that didnt bother me,all that bothered me was me exchanged live with Harry.
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