Gotta Be You,Or You...

Will it be love,or will louise have to make a big desision?


1. Just Friends?


Hey,im Louise Slater.I live in chesure.Now i have a confusing life.My boyfriend,well he's not yet, but he's more like my best friend really!He is amazing,we tell each other everything.His name your probly wondering is Harry, Harry Styles.I live in a big modern personally designed house in Chesure and i always have my mates here , just so that i dont get bored,i especially let Harry come round.Whenever he wants to come round i will let him,i couldnt imagine me saying no to him...thats whats so good about me to some people,i bearly say no,but when i do i mean it.Me and Harrys relationship has been going on and off all year,its july now,so you can imagine weve got pretty close.I think about Harry all day,everyday.I woke up thinking…what shall i do today,maybe i could just chill around my house with Harry?I decided to call him first thing in the morning,Now Harry always got up early and fell asleep on his sofa,so when i called him,Harry spoke with a really rough voice ,like he'd just woken up."Hey Harry,sorry if i woke you up do you want to come round mine today?"i waited for an answer."Hello babe,i would love to!You didnt wake me up babe,i got up ages ago,so what time abouts?"Harry sounded quite exited to my invite."Anytime!?"Harry spoke,"im on my way as we speak!"He put the fone down and i got up out of the bed, straightened out the bed sheets and got dressed into some red jeans and a blue and red stripy top,my hair is curly and brown just like Harrys!We were the perfect match and as i combed the last peice of my hair there was a shuffeling sound behind me,i looked at the door ,throught the mirror. It was Harry! But dont worry he has a key.He didnt just come in ."heeey Harry!"Harry responded "Helloo babe,ive missed you!" we were having a normal friendly convosation,and then it had this awkward silence…so Harry breaks the ice by doing what he normally does,by saying: "i love you!your amazing!"at this moment i was looking out of the window and then he came up behind me and hugged me his hands on my waist,Harry rested his head on my shoulder,and kissed me on my neck.Because wernt together i didnt know how to react to this…i wanted to get back toghther with him so bad,and he did i turned around and decided to take the chance and i kissed him on the lips.Harrys reaction was to pull away,and thats what he did,Harry looked at me funny and smiled,following that he made a little chuckle.Then he kissed me back,longer and more passoinatly.We tumbled to the side and tripped over a pile of books and we landed on the bed.we looked at each other and then smiled.
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