Gotta Be You,Or You...

Will it be love,or will louise have to make a big desision?


3. Happy

The day went as usual,me waking up and Harry came in my house ,but this time i hadnt told him to.."H-Harry...what are you doing here?" i stuttered by accident, " Hey Louise,i thought id come and check on my best girl silly!" Harry did one of his cheeky smiles,i was on my laptop on twitter,looking through my mentions...normally."Harry do you want a drink?" he nodded and i leapt to the kitchen i was happy.more happy than ever!Harry had come to see if i was ok,aww.i thought i heard keys clicking so i made Harrys drink and walked back into the living room,Harry was sitting there,looking at my laptop with a smug face.i shoved his drink at him,if he hadnt of caught it i would of had to clean it up!But he got it and i sat back down and looked on my twitter,something wasnt right,then i looked at my name "Mrs LouiseStylesxx" one word-Harry.ohh my gosh,he really dies love me...then i had a suprise tweet, @ Lulu Slata 'cant wait to meet you , Louis, Liam,Zayn,Niall xx :) ' i just realised that i was ment to be meeting the boys today ,i an so forgetful! "So you ready to go in half an hour?"Harry asked me as he lifted me up so i could stand,"yep!!" i nodded with exitment,"By the way dont wear stripes,Louis would be sad!haha"i laughed and walked up the stairs and i sorted out a browny beige floaty top and some cream skinny jeans,i put on a light coat of make up and i did my hair into a messy high bun,i ran down the stairs and got my grey toms and slipped them on."Sorry Harry,im being to slow."i laughed and looked at him directly in the eye,all he could say was "wow!" .we got the car and before we knew it we were there,it was a big place,they all shared it.I get out of the car and i face Harry, "i know whos who..!" Harry laughed and so did i. I cant really write any words to really explain how happy i felt right then,its like they knew me before...
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