Final Warning

When Liam invites his cousin Kelly to join him and his friends on a private island for a few weeks, Kelly begins to fall for one of the boys, she is forced to pull away because of her crazy ex. Then things get dangerous.

this is my first movella so no hate comments please ;)


5. The Second Warning

I woke up to see Niall still on the floor. I got up quietly to get some pancakes out of the cupboard. No more notes, good. I made breakfast and heard Niall approaching the door. He stumbled in and mumbled "smelled food"

"Of course you did." I said in a happy morning voice. I walked by him and gave him a peck on the cheek. We had started  to eat when everyone else stumbled in mumbling. In two minutes flat all of the pancakes were gone. After I had cleaned up I announced that I was going to the pool. I put on a purple bikini and headed towards the pool. Harry was looking for the pool and asked me where it was. "Follow me."



"Are you and Niall going out? I walked into your room this morning and he was sleeping in the floor."

"Yeah, he asked me out last night."


We got to the pool and swam for a bit. "I am gonna see what else is on this island." I'm gonna see if anybody else wants to come." Harry nodded, looking a bit downcast. Everyone wanted to come with me. We had a really good time. Seeing all of the lakes frozen over, the trees with snow on them. So romantic. Then me and Niall kissed again. Liam kissed Dani, and Louis kissed Kevin. He is really crazy. Zayn and Harry just stood there, not doing anything. We continued to walk and I went to crawl through an opening in a bush but there was another note. It read "I'm warning you." This was not Zayn. This was something else

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