Final Warning

When Liam invites his cousin Kelly to join him and his friends on a private island for a few weeks, Kelly begins to fall for one of the boys, she is forced to pull away because of her crazy ex. Then things get dangerous.

this is my first movella so no hate comments please ;)


6. The Final Warning

 I ran out of there and to the house as fast as I could go. Everyone else followed me yelling if I was okay. I didnt even know I could go this fast. I was a slow runner, but not now. I slowed down by the house so everyone could catch up. "What happend?" Harry and Zayn said together. "I was in the kitchen last night and a note was in the drawer that said to stay away from Niall, and I thought that someone was pranking me at first, but there was another note in that bush and I reized that someone isnt pranking me. The next thing I knew we were in the living room with baseball bats and golf clubs.

My phone rang and I answered a little nervous. "Hello?"

"This is your final warning, oops. to late. I am coming."

"Who is this? What do you want from me?"

"I think you should know who this is, cupcake." There was only one person who called me cupcake. Mark.

I broke down in tears scared for everyones saftey. Niall's. Liam's, Louis. Everyone automaticly knew something was wrong and went into fight mode. We heard soft footsteps that got closer, and closer. Then a small knock followed. We froze with fear. Then the door busted open. Mark was standing there. We were too late.

I watched in horror as he drew a knife and showed it to us. "I'm taking Kelly. None of you can stop me." Then Niall launched himself at Mark, and got six inches of metal in the chest.

My scream was loud enough for Mark to cover his ears. "NIALL!! NO! DON'T LEAVE US!!" I went to give him CPR but Mark grabbed me by my hair and dragged me out. It's over. Niall is dead. Hope is lost. I'm going to die tonight. In the hands of Mark, my ex-boyfriend.

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