Final Warning

When Liam invites his cousin Kelly to join him and his friends on a private island for a few weeks, Kelly begins to fall for one of the boys, she is forced to pull away because of her crazy ex. Then things get dangerous.

this is my first movella so no hate comments please ;)


7. Hope

Mark wasent to bright and instead of taking a boat away he brought me to a tent that he set up. "It's been a while hasen't it Kelly? Good thing we are back together. Now, how about an 'I Miss You' kiss?"

"I wouldn't kiss you in a million years. And you just killed my boyfriend so how on Earth do you think I would kiss you you sick twited moron." Then he walked up too me and smacked me as hard as he could across the face. "Respect your master. That's who that idiot was? Your boyfriend? Well he wouldn't be dead if you didn't cheat on me." He was partially right. If I had broken up with Niall when I got the first note, he wouldn't be dead. But on the other hand I never cheated on him. I would never cheat on anyone.

Normaly I would be huddleing in a corner, but I was going to avenge Niall. "I DIDN'T CHEAT ON YOU! I WAS TALKING TO A KID BEHIND ME AND YOU ACTED STUPID AND THOUGHT I WAS FLIRTING!! THEN YOU ACTED LIKE YOU DIDN'T BELIVE ME WHEN I SAID NOTHING WAS GOING ON! NOW YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE YOU COMPLEATE MORON!!" He looked shocked at how I spoke. Then he pulled a birch branch out of no where and wipped me across the face with it. I could feel warm blood seeping down my face. Then I screaned in pain and cops barged into the tent and arrested Mark. Liam ran in screaming at Mark and the rest of the boys exept Niall started to hit Mark, then I blacked out.

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