Final Warning

When Liam invites his cousin Kelly to join him and his friends on a private island for a few weeks, Kelly begins to fall for one of the boys, she is forced to pull away because of her crazy ex. Then things get dangerous.

this is my first movella so no hate comments please ;)


2. Driving With Dani

I sat around all morning waiting for my ride. I was fully packed and ready to go. At six I heard a car pulling up the driveway. I dragged myself out and was hugged by Dani as soon as I stepped out of the door.

"Can't..... breathe" I mumbled into her shoulder. "Oops, so sorry Kelly!!!" She exclaimed in her chirpy voice. I couldn't see anyone else in the car. "Where is El??"

"She caught a cold. Really bad cold too." When she mentioned the word cold, I relized something. We were going to a beach house in England, and it was winter. She looked at me like she could read my mind. "There is a indoor pool that is heated and the boys are probalbly gonna do something stupid." Wow, her and Liam are perfect for each other. He always seemed to know what I was thinking.

We stopped at McDonalds and got something to eat. "Shouldn't we get the boys something?"

She looked at me and replied with a grin, "Niall probably packed enough food to feed twelve people for a year, I think they are good." I shrugged and texted Liam that we stopped at McDonalds. He texted back, 'ok, I wouldn't tell Niall if I were u ;)'

We pulled into the boat ramp just as the other boys were getting there. Me and Liam hugged eachother like there was no tomorrow. We hadnt seen eachother since we were ten. He introduced me to the other boys. Niall's irish accent ran through the air as he cursed trying to find a bag of potato crisps. Louis pulled them out from his suitcase with a grin. This was gonna be a fun trip.

The boat ride was about thirty minutes long, but it didn't feel like that because of Louis screaming random things at random times. He and the rest of the boys would start randomly singing a song. It was a very interesting ride. The beach house was huge. I can't even begin to count the rooms. Liam and Dani shared a room, Harry and Louis shared theirs, then Zayn and Niall. I got my own room. I changed into a bathing suit and went to find the pool. As I was looking, I ran into Zayn. I felt embarassed because I was really insucure. I asked, "ummmm, where is the pool?"

He answered in his adorable accent, "Just down that hall love."

"Thanks Zayn." I continued down the hall and I could feel his eyes on the back of my head. Oh jeez, I think he likes me.


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