Love from the past

Sixteen year old Alexis Hilton has a past that's more like your worst nightmare. She's been hurt countless times and held against her will. She has promised to never love again. When she meets a group of five rambuncious boys, she is terrified but at the same time, interested, and dazed. She finds herself falling for one while he loves another. She also finds out that there is someone else of the 5 keeping an eye on her.
One day, she meets a guy and is laft breathless. She breaks her promise and falls head over heels for him. But when things start to tense up and she dosn't realize, it may be too late. Will someone come for her or will she be left with this snake to die. Forever alone. And in her case that was true.


3. Not Again!

"Wait. So you're telling me that it's completely full?" I said to the waitress. I stared at her questioningly. "There isn't someone who's leaving in like two minutes?" The waitress looked embarrassed as she shook her head. "No I'm sorry, but we're full." I cursed under my breath., then looked at her again. Fine then put me down, I'll wait." I rolled my eyes and pulled my phone from my back pocket. As I turned to sit down, 'Smack' I ran right into someone. I rubbed my forehead and looked up. "Oh I'm so-" I was cut off as he spoke too. "Sorry, I know. I'm fine. Are you alright love?" I blinked and looked at him. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine. I just wasn't looking where I was going." I forced myself to speak. His bright green eyes kept me mezmorized. I quickly shook myself and said something again. "Well, excuse me but I was just going to sit down." I gestured towards the waiting chairs and brushed past him. I sat down and opened twitter on my phone. I was just tweeting my messed up lunch plans when a shadow appeared over me. I looked up. It was the boy I had bumped into. "Um..can I help you?" He sat down next to me and offered his hand. "I'm Harry." He smiled as I took his hand and shook it. "Ok. If you want another apology then I'm sorry. But right now I'm not having the best day so please go away." I added in a cheery sarcastic voice, "Thank you! Come again!" I gave him a big smile then returned to twitter. There was silence and then he gave a comeback. "So I don't even get to know your name?" I tried to keep calm at his question but my mind was racing.

Not again. I can't trust him! What if he's just like Justin? And he's still not going away. How do I get rid of him?! This is getting scary and annoying.

"Uh no. Your a stranger why should I tell you my personal business?!" I gave him a duh look and turned away slightly. He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees so he could still see my face. "Well I'm just trying to start over. Bumping into a pretty girl isn't always the best way of introducing yourself." He stood up. "If you want, you can join the boys and I at our table. But if you want to sit here and wait for another hour," He started to turn and walk away, with a cheeky grin on his face. My head snapped up at the offer. I didn't want to make a mistake again, but I was hungry. I shut my phone off and put it back in my pocket. I quickly stood up and went after him. "Hey you can't make an offer like that and then just walk away. And by the way, I'm Alexis, but call me Lex." I glared at him and he smiled. "I knew I'd get you eventually." He took my hand and gave it a quick squeeze then let go as we came to his table.

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