Love from the past

Sixteen year old Alexis Hilton has a past that's more like your worst nightmare. She's been hurt countless times and held against her will. She has promised to never love again. When she meets a group of five rambuncious boys, she is terrified but at the same time, interested, and dazed. She finds herself falling for one while he loves another. She also finds out that there is someone else of the 5 keeping an eye on her.
One day, she meets a guy and is laft breathless. She breaks her promise and falls head over heels for him. But when things start to tense up and she dosn't realize, it may be too late. Will someone come for her or will she be left with this snake to die. Forever alone. And in her case that was true.


2. Lunch Special

I ran for my life. He ran after me. I hid somewhere, and he found me. He was always right behind me. When would this nightmare end? I had to get away before he hurt me. Or even worse, killed me! I saw an alleyway and immeadiatly ducked off the street, and down the narrow path. I ran quickly, trying to soften my footsteps. Where was this path  taking me? Suddenly, I came out on the other side. My heart stopped. It was a dead end. I turned this way and that searching for means of escape. But none would show itself. I was trapped, and he had caught me. I stood, facing the path I had come from. Then he came. He satyed in the shadows, but I saw the light glinting off the silver blade. My heart quickened as he stepped from the shadows and came nearer. He stood, two feet away now, grinning. I took a step back. He took a step forward. "Why are you running Lexi? Why are you running from me? I promised to never hurt you. Why must you make me break that promise?"He stepped closer still, inches away from me. I stumbled backwards, tripping over my own feet. My hands touched the wall behind me. He took one final step forward. He stood right in front of me, his hands resting on the wall either side of my head. "Please J." I breathed, trying to keep myself together. "We can work this out. Please." I had to seem brave, but my strength was draining quickly. "But we are working this out sweetheart." He stroked my cheek with his free hand, staring me in the eyes. He paused, seeming to consider something. Then he spoke. "Tell you what. I'll give to one more chance to change your mind, so it doesn't have to get ugly. Are we clear?" I nodded, holding back the tears that sprange to my eyes. I spoke slowly and quitely. "J, I..I..I have to..go. I can't stay. My parents-" He cut me off with a glare. "Who cares about your parents!" he screamed. "You will stay with me if you value your life!" A few tears ran down my face. "J. I can't. I'm sorry, but I have to go. Please. Please, let me go." I sobbed. I had lost control. He leaned forward. "I'll never let you go Lexi. You're mine now. You belong to me." he hissed in my ear. His cold breath sent shivers down my spine. In one sudden move the knife was above his head, and then coming down upon me. I fell to the ground and screamed. It was right above my head and-

I was jerked awake by my own screaming. I sat straigt up in my bed, panting like I had run a mile. I was sweating and my hair was damp. As I jerked the covers off, I shivered as the cold air hit my burning skin. Glancing at the clock, my eyes widened. It was already eleven o'clock! My parents left ages ago for work. I was home alone. I stood up and stretched, then went into the bathroom. The bathroom was just as cold as my room. I quickly turned the shower on, and after removing my clothes, I got in.

After my shower, I went to my closet and rummaged through the clothes hanging on the rack. What to wear today? I wasn't really going anywhere, just grabbing lunch, so I decided on a casual outfit. Red skinny jeans, a navy blue striped top, and my new grey Toms. After that, I brushed my straight black hair and applied a small bit of makeup. Nothing fancy, just the normal look. I grabed my phone from the side table and stuck it in my back pocket. I shuffled down stairs, and grabbed car keys from the kitchen counter. Before heading out, I took my white shoulder purse from the table by the door and pulled it over my head. After pulling my sunglasses out and putting them on, I skipped out the front door, locked it, and got in the car. I decided to go to Mcalister's for lunch, since it was usualy half full of people.

I didn't dare go somewhere without being by a lot of people. He could be there. He could be anywhere. If I didn't go out with a friend, I stuck close to home and people.

Mcalister's was just a 5 minute drive from Pine St. and I made it there by 11:50. Good. Just in time for the 12:00 Lunch Special.

-Little did Alexis know that she would have and extra special lunch today.


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