Nocturne Insanity (poem)

This is the ending poem in the book i am currently working on.


1. The unstable

The unstable (a middle chapter of the book)

Lucia walked toward Rose, She looked worse then ever. Her eyelids stapled up forcing her to see everything. Cruel when she claimed to be blind. 

"Why are you here?" She asked with the voice of evil. Cracking and creepy she smiled her distant smile making the side of her face that was ripped of look more and more haunting. Lucia could not answer, bound to the floor of the Doll girls magic she waited for the Key to show her the memory she missed or Badger to come and give her the wise answer to the Queens question.

"The unstable are more then merely mad...the doctor takes their memory and straps them in like animals...They need care." She gestured to the crippled children following behind her, in an army of sorts they walked limped and uncontrollable sounds appeared from the gaping holes which should have been their mouths.  

"I should say we need care...for i am them...and did this... With your half insanity and clever tears and bitter sadness. You don't deserve to call yourself unstable! Unless you let me help you... Complete us. All at the small cost...of your misery" Rose the Queen glared at Lucia with her delusional look and eyes wide open in a haunting stare. 

"I'm in a straight jacket. I don't know where i am...The doctor said i was unstable... What more misery is there to give to me? I already got it all when I...when I..."

"Killed Billy? That little poor boy who you thought was the Freyser....Yes i remember such a bloody murder..."

The Queen trailed off in her thoughts, while Lucia shivered at the though of little Billy's death. But she was still not certain it was her, she had killed the Freyser and had not seen Billy before she awoke in the straight jacked in the locked up room. 

"No you are not unstable...You insanity drives from your anger. You don't know who you are but the doctor know and he's not telling because he's a bad man, and know that you have recaptured your ignorant memories, what are you doing with them?" She spit blood while her tentacles caressed Lucia's face. Lucia made a face in disgust. 

"I'm trying to make sense of them..." Lucia tried to answer.

"WRONG! You are trying to lie you don't excist because you should not be. You killed your family and you should be dead but are you? No, you once rejected my attempts to control our lives and live in hiding in your world, in our world. You rejected the chance to forget the bad memories and remember the happy ones where you ran around with the knives...your chains" The Queen Lured Pulling Lucia's face closer to hers. Grabbing the chains stuck to Lucia's arms. 

Before she could speak a terrible screech spread across the land raising hairs on Lucia's neck. It was the Doll girl....

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