Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


3. Voicemail

As Autumn pulled up to her house, Demi was already waving at the door. She scrambled out of the car and Demi gave her a huge hug and whipped out a small neatly wrapped present from behind her back. Autumn gave a high pitched squeal and tore off the wrapping paper to reveal a small bracelet. It was a Pandora! Autumn had wanted one for quite some time now and finally got one. Along with the bracelet was three charms; a leaf, an open book and a car, all silver. “The leaf represents you, the book represents Clintwood and the car is your beauty right behind you and all the travels you’ll have in it” Demi explained. Autumn seized her into a huge bear hug “Demi thank you so much, but why did you get it?” Demi laughed and said “So when you’re at Uni you will be reminded of home, and you can add on charms on big stages in your life!” Autumn beamed and put on the bracelet carefully. “There it fits perfect, now come on inside, I think it’s going to rain any second now. And with that they both dashed inside.

The Smith family lived in Southend-On-Sea, a town on the East coast of England. They lived in a cosy house, with a fifteen minute walk to the beach. At night when she had the time, Autumn enjoyed sitting on the beach with the icy waves tingling her toes. Tonight she was walking down to the beach when she thought of Harry. She loved him very much and words could not describe the connection she felt they had. The only problem was Harry had many girlfriends in the past and Autumn always had this gut feeling she would become an ex without even a backwards glance. But she kept telling herself she was different, well Harry always said that, but did he say that to all of his girls?

When Autumn plonked down onto the sand she decided to call Harry to see what he was up to. She slid off her ballet pumps and walked knee deep into the chilly North Sea waters. She flipped through the phonebook and tapped Harry’s name.  When he didn’t pick up it went to voicemail. But this was a new voicemail message.

“Hi this is Harry’s phone, he won’t be picking up for a while because, let’s just say, he is busy with me in the bedroom. Later bitches”. It felt like time had stopped all together. Autumn recognised that voice all too well. Harry was seeing Willow again. Willow the beautiful ,tanned, tall blonde girl with smoky grey eyes and a body to die for. The Willow who was a page three girl and bragged about everything that happened in the bedroom. The Willow Harry was with right now. Autumn let go of her phone and it plopped into the sea, but she didn’t care that her phone was wrecked; it was her heart she was concerned about.

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