Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


4. Shattered Glass

Autumn had decided she would go and face the problem up front; she was going to Harry’s. She dried off her feet and slipped back into her shoes running back to her house and jumped in the car. She was so angry she jump started her little car and let out a fuming scream. She wiped off her tears from earlier and started the car carefully before whizzing down the road. She tried to stay calm and collected and thought what she was going to do. She knew they would still be at it, as an hour before she left for home, the voicemail was Harry’s relaxed voice. But how would she get in, she couldn’t exactly knock. She then remembered Harry’s back door was always unlocked. She wasn’t really looking forward to this but she was better to confront it than deny it was true.  Her mum always said “Never waste your life in the shadows, be in the light for everyone to see”. That was exactly what she was going to do. Harry might not like her at the end of this, but after this ended, she was leaving for Clintwood tomorrow and a new leaf would be turned. She pulled up at the start of Harry’s street and only just realised she had been crying; she really cared about this boy. When she stepped out of the car, the cold wind slapped her in the face. A shiver went down her spine and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. She walked to Harry’s house and sneaked round the back. Should she really be doing this? She opened the back door steadily and stepped in; the warmth of his house was a comfort, until she heard what was going on upstairs. It sent a shudder down her spine; she couldn’t stand it any longer. She crept up the stairs, now anger had taken over her mind. Just a few hours ago Harry said he loved her, now he loved someone else. She reached the top of the landing and saw the vase she got Harry when she got back from China; she picked it up and paced to Harry’s room. With a cry she ran in and smashed the china vase over Harry’s head. She stood there stunned just staring at the heap of bodies in the room. “How could you do this to me Harry” Autumn screamed in his face, tears streaming down her face. Willow yelped and hid herself under the duvet. “Autumn just leave, he obviously loves me” said a flustered Willow. Harry was holding his head and I could see the pain on his face.

It felt quite superior hurting him. “Harry, what were you doing with Willow?” Autumn said calmly, wanting to know why he would break her like that. “Babe, I love you and all but, Willow is my baby” Harry said sheepishly. “Willow, you whore, you sleep around with everyone, get some self respect.” sneered Autumn. Willow stood up and slapped Autumn round the face. Instantly she grabbed her face, it was burning hot. Willow had dropped the cover and was only in her small black lace underwear. She winked at Autumn and latched herself onto Harry’s mouth. Harry was bleeding still but he seemed to be enjoying Willow basically eating his face. Autumn had enough. She yanked on Willow’s hair, sending her to the floor in pain. She looked in Harry’s eyes. He tried to reach out to hug her, and she kicked him in the balls. He fell to the floor in writing pain, she instantly felt well again. She ran out of the room and scuttled into his beautiful kitchen. Within minutes all the plates and bowls were smashed, she was trying to ruin his house like he had ruined her heart. Harry sprinted down the stairs. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing” he barked. Autumn was about to throw another dish but stopped mid throw. “I was wrong, babe. Forgive me.” Harry said as he ushered her to put down the dishes. “No Harry, I was wrong, to trust you. You’re a filthy dog, why did I ever think I could believe you. You manipulate everyone with your words” Autumn smashed the dish into a thousand pieces, making Harry flinch. “Stop Autumn, I’ll leave her now” he said. Autumn turned around, her eyes had a fanatic glint in them. She pulled out Harry’s classy wine glasses and held them above her head. “Stop Autumn, please. I swear I’ll leave her right now” Harry said steadily. “Don’t worry, it will be my pleasure to escort myself out.” she spat. Autumn shattered the wine glass collection on to the cold kitchen tiles and ran out of the house. Just as she was by the door she turned around. “Oh, and you might want to get your head checked out, I mean you really were always an idiot” she sneered. Her heart had been smashed and beaten, and so had Harry and the majority of his kitchen ware.  

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