Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


6. Saved

“Autumn just leave, he obviously loves me.” Willow sniggered over and over; the words bouncing off the white walls which were rapidly closing in. Autumn sat up, her heart in her mouth. She was sweating and could feel a lump in her throat. She kept having the same nightmare, she had hardly slept.  She checked the time, it was six, exactly the time she had to be up. As she got up, her alarm went off. It was hers and Harry’s song, Next To Me by Emeli Sande, her and Harry had met at a karaoke bar and sung this for a laugh. When she heard it she broke down into tears, she was so fragile from the lack of sleep. She took one breath and knew she had to get out of Southend; it would be okay when she was in London. She looked in her wardrobe and picked out a plain white dress; she wanted to make a good impression to everyone there. When she was ready she peeked into Demi’s room, she was sound asleep. She jogged down the stairs and made herself a cuppa and a jam sandwich. When she was done she got her suitcases out of the study and in the hallway. “Mum, I’m going!” she shouted up the stairs. After a few minutes Bernie her shadow black Labrador walked into the room. “Bernie I’m going to miss you boy” she said and hugged his neck. A second later a wide awake Demi ran down the stairs and right into Autumn. “Autumn I’m going to miss you so much it’s unbelievable” she said as she squeezed her tightly. “Honey, I’ll miss you too” she said as she let go. Her Mum and Dad came downstairs and said there goodbyes. “My baby’s all grown up James, what happened to my chubby blonde baby?” she said as she cried happily. “She’s all grown up” James said hugging her. “Oh stop it guys, I’ll e-mail you loads, stop stressing!” she laughed. She opened the boot of her little Fiat. She only just fit in all her cases, as she slammed the boot close and jumped into the car, she realised how great this was going to be.    


Autumn pulled up to her new school; and now home. It had taken her an hour to drive so it was around eight and she had only an hour to settle in. Leaving her cases in the car she walked into the reception. She went and ticked off her name; countless people were already here. She looked at the reception desk and the sign that read, “If you are living on university grounds, collect your key here” in big black bold writing. “Hello, I am Autumn Smith and I’ve come here to collect my key for my room” she said nervously. The women at reception beamed and replied “Sure honey, let me look for you in my file” she said opening a tidy spreadsheet with dozens of names. “Right, the rooms are either in two’s or four’s. You have a two bedroom and it is in the dormitory building over here” she said pointing on a map of the school.  “Your room is 316, on floor three, oh and one more thing you are sharing with Ivy Chaffey,” she smiled. The receptionist tottered over and got a key off of a hook and handed it over to Autumn. “Now darling, try not to lose it” she giggled. Autumn laughed and walked off back to her car. Now how was she going to get her cases up three flights of stairs? Even if she had all day she wouldn’t be able to. She unlocked her car and opened up the boot. She tried to take out the first case but it wouldn’t budge; she'd forced it in a bit too hard. She was yanking on the case but it just wouldn’t shift. With one last heave it came free and landed right on top of her. “Why does this always happen to me” she screamed trying to get out from under the case. “Just my luck, this is a fu-” her words were cut off by some frantic footsteps. She felt the case being lifted off her and a big strong hand was held out to her. She took it and came face to face with the most beautiful man she had ever seen. His jaw line was structured and sexy; his hair was brown and his eyelashes so dark. His eyes were cocoa brown, they twinkled so magnificently.

His skin was golden brown and she could almost feel the sunshine bursting from him. But last of all; his lips. They were full and gorgeous; she just wanted to kiss him right then and there. They were slightly parted and when he bit his lip she felt faint. She wondered if he was studying her face like she was his. “Thanks, I’m really not good in situations like these.” she breathed. “No problem, I couldn’t just leave you. I saw you fall from inside and rushed out.” he chuckled and she felt his breath on her lips. “So yeah hi, I’m Autumn Smith” she said, stepping back. “Lovely to meet you, I’m Zayn Malik” he put his hand out for a handshake and Autumn took it laughing. “So I’m guessing you need help with these bags right?” he said winking. “Yeah, I’m a damsel in distress and all that shit” she said nudging him. “Well it’s your lucky day, I’m here to save you” he said, picking up a suitcase in each hand and running into the reception. Autumn looked back and realised, she would very much like to be saved.


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