Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


7. Room 316

Dragging the rest of the suitcases into reception was hard work and she was sure she looked stupid; she was reassured by that when Zayn giggled and helped by taking one off her, “You’re really not good with lifting are you?” he said cheekily. “You got that right! So you living on campus or?” Autumn asked attentively. Zayn stopped stretch his fingers, clicking them one by one. “Yeah I’m in 416, floor four, what about you” Zayn replied casually. “I’m 316, the floor below you!” Zayn smiled then stopped in his tracks. There were the stairs. “My goodness this is going to be hard work” Autumn whispered. Next to the stairs was a lift, but it had a code. Luckily just at that moment a teacher walked past and typed in the code. The elevator was only for people who were injured and could not walk. “Let’s be naughty” Zayn said pushing the keys quickly and dragging in all the cases. “Third floor please” she sang bursting into giggles. She stopped just as the lift came to a halt and the doors came wide open to an angry member of staff. She was just about to give them a telling off when Zayn blurted. “She twisted her ankle in the parking lot, and couldn’t make it up the stairs with five cases, so I offered to help her” there was a pause before the teacher replied.

 “That is lovely of you, on your way now” she said walking down the corridor and down the stairs. “Thanks a lot Zayn, now every time I see her I have to limp” she exclaimed with a chuckle. They opened the door and where hit by pink atmosphere. “I see its colour co-ordinated. Floor one, two and three are the girl’s dorms, and four, five and six are the boy’s dorms, we have blue walls” Zayn said, fazed by the hot pink walls. Every door was plain white, apart from one which a girl was painting coral pink, and adding stars. You could design your own door! Well this was Clintwood, the school of the Arts. She came to her room and dug her key from her cardigan pocket and slid it into the key hole, turning it slowly and pushing it open. The room was huge, back at home her room was the size of a shoebox. There were two identical double beds on the opposite of the big white room; this was the bedroom, the main room of the apartment. A door led off and Autumn peeked her head round and saw a bathroom. Another door was closed and she opened it wide and stumbled into a dining-living room area. At the table was a girl sitting with her headphones on, some lilac beats. She was so consumed in her music she didn’t notice Autumn walk in until the end of her song. She looked up and screamed; holding her heart like it was about to pop out of her chest. “Hey what’s wrong?” Zayn said as he ran in. “She just gave me a heart attack, no big deal” she said as she stood up. “Hi, I’m Ivy Chaffey, as you probably guessed, I’m not a random stalker don’t worry.” she said chuckling whilst putting out her hand for a handshake. “Oh what the heck!” Autumn said pulling Ivy into a big hug. Ivy had long brown hair, down to her rib-cage. Her eyes were a hazel brown and they had a constant sparkle. Her laugh was so cute, it made Autumn laugh too. Her sense of fashion was really out there, but made perfect sense. It was really daring, Autumn was sure she wouldn’t be able to pull it off. She wore yellow chinos and a cream t-shirt with an owl on it, made of gold sequins. “Who’s that then?” Ivy asked eyeing Zayn up and down. “I’m Zayn, Zayn Malik, Autumns friend” he said, emphasising friend. “Sure, just friends” she said elbowing Autumn. “He is, leave him alone” she made clear. “Right girls I’m off see you later” Zayn said giving them a wave, and running off. When the door closed Ivy sat down. “Bloody hell he is fit, if you don’t want him, can I have him?” she said bumping Autumn.

“No way! He is so fit it’s unreal, I'm just going to get closer to him first” she said winking at Ivy. They burst into a fit of laughter. When they finished, Ivy looked at her watch. “Autumn, we’ve got to get down to the main hall, for the sorting of our forms” she said grabbing her keys off the kitchen counter. They both ran out the door and slammed it shut. This was going to be a lot of fun. Or so she thought.

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