Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


10. Loved Right

Their lips moved in an exact rhythm, they were joined by their mouths. Louis pulled away; “Autumn, I can’t do th-” he was cut off by Autumn pulling him in again. Their kiss was gentle and loving, but Autumn wasn’t in her right mind. She kissed deeper and deeper; she wanted to feel loved again. Not forgotten. Not brushed to the side. Loved. Loved right. She moved to sit on Louis’ lap still kissing him passionately. He was enjoying it too, not pulling away this time. He slid his tongue into her mouth and he explored her mouth. She did the same, but roughly. She wanted Louis. She stood up, bringing him up too, there kiss still deep. She broke away, smiling, and so was Louis. Autumn stood there and realised she had just gone on the same level as Willow. She was ready to go that next step and she barely knew him. She was ashamed with herself; she started to tear up. “Hey babe, why you crying” he asked tenderly, bringing her into a hug. She buried her head in the crook of his neck and muffled; “I’m a slag, I’ve know you for a couple of hours and I brought all this down on you and snogging you but I, think I” she stepped back from Louis’ embrace, “I-I-I think I love you Louis” she choked out. “I think I love you too” he cooed.


Louis and Autumn walked hand in hand back to form. “Right you wait here, and when I scratch my nose you come in okay?” Louis said, and with that he opened the door. “Louis, what took so long?” she asked suspiciously. “Well she wasn’t feeling too good and she was in the toilet, and she wouldn’t let me in so I had to try and calm her down and see if I could help. She said she was just going to come up after she had fixed her make-up” he said, very convincingly. Well most of it was true. Apart from he left out the part where he did come in and do a hell lot more than ‘calm her down’.

Louis turned around to sit back in his chair and scratched his nose vigorously at the door; where Autumn was peeking through the window. Autumn braced herself and quietly opened the door. Everyone looked up, but immediately got back down to finishing their timetables. Miss Monacco ushered her to go out the classroom; she did and Miss followed. “Louis told me you weren’t feeling well?” Miss questioned. Autumn wasn’t very good at coming up with excuses that were believable, she just was damn straight bad at lying. “I have really bad period pains, and I’m very nervous about today, and leaving home so all of it put together really made me feel under the weather” she said, very convincingly. Miss Monacco’s look softened, “Yes honey, I understand that leaving home can be hard, but here at Clintwood we look after you with great care, so don’t be worried. And periods, well we can’t do much about that can we darling” she replied lightly. “But remember if anything is happening between you and another student, or family issues, you can definitely talk to me” she said walking back into the classroom. Autumn realised that Miss was picking up on something; she was just trying to help. And her lie did work, except it wasn’t a lie at all. She was missing home and she was very nervous and on her period. But something else hurt much more, she just had to remember what she was here for. Education. Well she was trying to at least.

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