Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


9. Lou-Lou Belle

The world was spinning violently; she was going to be sick. She was trying to concentrate on Miss, it was working for now. She calmed herself down before anyone noticed she was having a hysterical fit; luckily it was a silent one. When Miss finished saying the basic rules of Clintwood she got out a huge pile of timetables out of her filing cabinet. “Now kids, these are your timetables. All of you have Drama together as you are the Drama elves, as I like to call you, but for instance one will be in Art and the other in Dance.” she said tenderly. She got a few students to hand them out, Autumn closed her eyes and exhaled deeply. She felt better; for now.

 She had so many questions on her mind. What was she doing here? Did she even like Drama? Was it coincidence? She turned to Louis; he was smiling at her, and then pulled a silly face to cheer her up. When the student plonked down her timetable¸ it blew off the edge and gently landed on the floor. She and the student bent down to get it, but Autumn caught it first, when she looked up to say thank you, she studied her face carefully. It was a Hispanic looking girl, her skin was olive brown and glowing; he thick, coffee fell down to her waist. Her eyes veered away from her Latino routes as they were piercing green, like her eyes had been replaced with emeralds. She was like a British teenage version of Kim Kardashian. “Sorry about that” she uttered gently. “No worries, what’s your name?” Autumn asked casually. “I'm Jamilla, and I’m guessing you’re Autumn” she articulated, pointing at her name at the top of her timetable. “Nice to meet you Jamilla” she laughed as Jamilla carried on handing out the papers. One of the great thing about Uni was you could use your phone whenever, just not in classes. “Babe what’s your number?” Autumn questioned. She dug out her phone from her bag and gave it to Louis to put in his details. She really liked Louis, he already seemed like she had known him for years. After she slipped her phone in her cardigan pocket she looked back up at Louis’ face as he studied his timetable. She calculated his emotions; he just looked like an elf on drugs. “I wanna check what classes we have together” he said batting his eyelashes like a girl; he knew how to cheer her up, he was extremely good at it. Autumn looked down at her desk to pick up the sheet of paper; it had gone. Her and Louis gave each other quizzical looks and ducked their heads under the table to search for the mystery paper. When they came back up she saw it right in front of her facing downwards. In small pink glittery writing in the top left hand corner was written. “Oh boo hoo, little Autumn is miserable. It really is heartbreaking. Just to tell you, as soon as you left that day, we went back and had fun. Love Harry’s bitch Willow xxx I’m going to ruin your life babe, and you can count on it.” Autumn lifted her head slowly and saw a smirking Willow a row in front of her and two seats to the left. At that moment homework diaries were being given out, to copy out your timetable into, or stick them in.

She stood up and shakily and pulled herself together for a few moments to ask if she could go to the loo. As soon as she was allowed she dashed quickly down the corridor and into the girl’s bathroom. She broke down by the sinks in a pile of tears and heartache. Her and Harry had been going out for since they met in that karaoke bar when they were sixteen.

She had loved him with all her heart and that he would throw about her heart like that made her feel sick. She was angrier than ever now, she had to calm down, before she broke something. She put the plughole in and ran the sink splashing her face with the cold water to calm herself down, but it just reminded her of the sea back home she turned off the tap just before it over flowed. The balance of the water in the bowl was quite relaxing. She was leaning over the sink and looked at her own reflection; hideous. Suddenly she felt a gentle pulsation oozing from her cardigan pocket. She got out her phone and saw a text

From; Lou-Lou Belle; “Can I come in? xox”

She looked up and went to the door, opening it ajar. She saw a pair of eyes through the door; they of course were Louis’. “Hey there freckles” he said, stroking her cheek. She opened the door wider and resumed sitting in my seat by the sink. Louis sat down next to her and wrapped her arm around her. Autumn broke into a hysterical sob, her body was shuddering and the sobs were getting louder and louder. Louis was trying to muffle them by rubbing circles on her back. She slammed her head into his chest and they sat there for at least another five minutes. She slowly stopped sobbing, but her body would shake every other second, and she sniffled. “This must be something big babe, you can’t keep this locked up forever” he said calmly, stroking her tear stained face. “My heart was broken, and the girl he was with instead of me was Willow. She was with him, they were having sex and I-” her sentence was cut off by a howl of sorrow. Louis cupped her face in his hands. “Listen, it’s going to get better, it is. Nothing can be bad forever.” he looked at her eyes, her golden brown eyes with flecks of white and yellow. Her eyes were like the season of autumn, which was ironic. She had freckles on her cheeks and her nose, they were only noticeable close up; which Louis definitely was. He looked at her lips and leaned in. His lips touched hers and she reacted instantaneously.

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