Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


2. Intertwined

“Hey Harry, what do you want” Autumn said, she could feel a grin appear on her face as she heard his chuckle. “I’m just calling to say well done for getting into Clintwood babe, I’m going to miss you loads” Harry whispered huskily. He had the sexiest voice when he wanted to. “Want to meet then?” she said, way too quickly. She couldn’t help the feelings she had for him, she made it so obvious. Harry gave another chuckle. “Sure babes, come round as soon as you’re ready” Harry sighed. “Bye then, I’ll be over in a minute” and with that she hung up. She sat in her chair, annoyed she couldn’t resist his curls and voice, oh and his mouth. Harry was a great kisser. Autumn grabbed her leather jacket and slipped her iPhone into the pocket. She snatched up her wallet and got out the door. Autumn had a crème Fiat 500. Her parents promised if she passed her test on the first time they would pay for her car, but Autumn being the kind person she is, insisted on paying a certain amount. She slid into the car taking in the smell of the leather interior deeply; she loved the smell of new car. She put the key into the ignition and felt the rumble of the awakening engine, smiled to herself at the thought of seeing Harry and put her foot of the clutch and slowly drove out if her road.

As Autumn clambered out of her car she saw Harry peeking out of the lounge window. When she got to the door it was already open and she walked right in. “Harry, I’m here” she shouted.  No reply. She poked her head into the lounge and he wasn’t there, she checked the kitchen, no sign of him there either. She heard a giggle escape from upstairs and ran up them. As she stood still, no noise appeared from anywhere so she resumed her search. She walked straight down the hall to his bedroom and just as she was about to leave he sprung out from the cupboard rugby tackling her onto the bed. In a heap of giggles they sat hugging. “Aw babe I’ve missed you so much” Harry said as he kissed her sweetly on the lips. “I’ve missed you too” she murmured. She rolled onto the top of Harry and kissed him on the lips. She felt Harry pull away and give her a cheeky grin before kissing her hard.

They were intertwined without a reason to separate until Autumn heard her phone pulsate harshly in her jacket pocket. She swiftly crawled off of the bed and grabbed her phone, reading the text from her sister “Hi it’s just me; I need you back here ASAP. Lots of Love Demi xox” Autumn slid her phone into her back pocket and felt two hands slide gently around her waist. “Who was that from honey?” Harry questioned. “Demi, she wants me back home, she said it is really important”. Harry sighed loudly and smirked at Autumn cheekily. “Well I guess you have to go then love” Harry said giving her one last kiss and hand in hand running to the door. She gave Harry one last hug and then slithered into her car. She exhaled deeply and wondered what this surprise was from Demi.

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