Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


8. Form Time

The atmosphere in the hall was buzzing, the voices vibrated off of the walls at amazing speeds, so your ears were always full of sound. You could tell these students were scared. It was a new stage in their life and an important one at that to. A women with cherry red hair, a dark red, purple colour wearing a pinstripe suit, around in her twenties walked to the front of the hall and stood up at the podium at the front of the assembly hall. Everyone found a seat and sat down, the noise stopped so suddenly, it felt like someone had turned off a switch, or pressed a mute button. The women at the front tapped her microphone, making the speakers buzz softly. “Hello and welcome to Clintwood, I am your head teacher, Miss Flint. Now I’m not a boring teacher like in normal schools, I can talk to you about anything and I mean ANYTHING!” she exclaimed everyone shouted and screamed; she was great and seemed like a really fun person to work with. “Now, we need to sort you into your forms, it won’t take long” she said casually. Five teachers stood up from their seats and stood alongside Miss Flint. A young woman with long ebony black hair down to her waste and coal black eyes took a deep breath in “Hello students I am Miss Monacco, I am 1A form tutor. I am the form tutor who specialises for the students in Drama, the A stands for Jennifer Aniston” Autumn realised this would be her form tutor, as she was specialising in Drama, she was happy as she looked like a kind person. After this all the teachers introduced themselves. Miss Smith, Music, 1M, Mozart. Mr Darling, Dance, 1B, Darcy Bustle. Mrs Farrow, Art, 1P Picasso and finally, a new form, Mrs Jones, Poetry, 1S, William Shakespeare. Ivy was bound to be in Music, or Dance, but she hadn’t asked. Zayn, what could he be in?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the voice of Miss Flint. “So kids, as you all know what you specialise in, you know who to go to. Next year you will be 2 and whatever form, you will have new form tutor though.” she said pausing. “Now all of you go back to your rooms or if you are not living on campus stay here, that’s all, bye” she said walking off as quickly as that. Autumn and Ivy stood up and started walking back to their room. “So what do you do then Autumn?” Ivy chirped. “Oh I'm a Drama kid, but I love Dance too, you? I know you are either Dance or Music” she said pointing at the beats around her neck. “I’m music! Yeah I was just listening to The Script, I love them so much, before you came and frightened the life out of me” she said laughing.

They were walking up the flight of steps when Autumn slipped and fell backwards. Ivy tried to catch her but couldn’t get her in time. Just before her head hit the ground someone caught it in their hands. She had her eyes squeezed shut, waiting for the impact and realised what was happening. She slowly peeled her eyes open to see a huge grin and big blue eyes the size of saucepans looking down on her. “Don’t worry love, I’ve got you” he said, picking her up from under her arms. “Thanks from saving my head” she chuckled, “What’s your name?” Autumn asked thoughtfully. He put his hand through his dirty blonde hair and looked right in her eyes and shouted at the top of his voice, “LOUIS TOMLINSON!” in his thick Yorkshire accent and then did a curtsy, boy was he going to be fun. “So Louis, I’m guessing you are staying in one of the dorms?” Autumn said nicely. “Yes, I’m not going to travel from Doncaster to London everyday am I silly?” he said cheekily. “So what would be your name silly child?” he asked seriously. “I am Autumn, Autumn Smith.” she answered back as seriously as she could, before breaking into a fit of laughter. “Oh and who is this pretty lady” Louis asked looking at Ivy. “I’m Ivy Chaffey, Autumn’s roommate.” she replied. “WE ARE GOING TO BE THE BEST OF FRIENDS” he shouted grabbing Autumns hand in one and Ivy’s in the other and skipping up the staircase in a fit of laughter. He dragged them into the blue walled floor. “I want you to meet my roommates” he said and quickly slid the key into the door, it was room 416, she swore she knew that from before.

“SUPRISE BOYS, THESE ARE MY BESTFRIENDS” he shouted waving the girls arms everywhere. Autumn surveyed the room, a blonde, a brunette and...Zayn? “Hi Zayn!” she said running over to him and giving him a high-five. “Why didn’t tell me you had such a funny roommate?” she said laughing and pointing at Louis, who was now doing a headstand on his bed. “Ah he is something right?” he replied laughing at Louis the big kid, bouncing from bed to bed. Suddenly the blonde boy got off his bed and walked over to the two girls standing by Zayn. “Hey girls, I’m Niall, and if you haven’t guessed I’m from Ireland” he said boldly, looking Ivy up and down. Ivy blushed and looked away. Autumn could see there was going to be a connection between Ivy and Niall, she just knew it. Ivy and Niall had started a conversation and they drifted off to sit in the lounge area. There apartment was much bigger as it was the four of them. She was having a chat with Zayn when she felt like someone was watching her. She turned around and saw a flash of brown eyes on the back of her head, before he turned away. She beckoned for Zayn to come close to her, so he only could hear. “Zayn, umm who is that behind me, he keeps staring at me?” she whispered, slightly alarmed. Zayn sat up slightly, looking over her shoulder, and then coming back into her ear shot. “Oh that’s... Liam, and yeah he’s staring at you now” he said bluntly. She almost heard a hint of irritation in his tone. Autumn could feel the tension in the room between Zayn and Liam, she felt really awkward and out of place. “Right I guess we should be going now” Autumn declared. “GOOD BYE MY BEST FRIEND” Louis screeched from the top of his lungs. Ivy hugged Niall and blushed redder than a tomato. As soon as the door closed to the boy’s room, Ivy grabbed Autumn’s shoulders and shook her hard, “ME AND NIALL HIT IT OFF” she said in a blur of jumping and wailing. As they walked back to they’re room they saw a teacher on the way up. “Right girls, what groups?” the women said. It was the receptionist from this morning. “I’m Drama” Autumn replied. “Music” Ivy sang cheerfully. The women looked at her map and showed the girls. “The A block is the Drama block, and you’re form room is A7” she coughed and looked back down at her map. “And the M block is Music and you’re room is M9, now quick girls you don’t want to be late for your first form time” she said scurried to a dorm and knocking energetically.


Autumn bustled in the door and sat down in an empty seat. She put her head down on the desk and got out her iPod and putting on some Rita Ora. She felt someone flick her head and then someone slid into the seat next to her. “Su’pp best friend?” it was Louis; he had his little elf smile on as usual. “Haha I’m okay thanks, quite excited for this actually!” she replied, pausing her iPod, even though he was so loud he drowned out her music. “So you didn’t tell me you were a Drama boy?” she said pushing him gently. “But you didn’t ask!” he declared pushing her so hard that she nearly fell off her chair. Suddenly Miss Monacco walked in and sat down at the desk, and everyone muffled there noise into a silence. Miss Monacco stood up to introduce herself when a student tumbled in the door, she was red faced, you could tell she didn’t want to be late, which unfortunately she was. Autumn looked up at the sudden noise of the door swinging open, and her heart dropped to the floor. Suddenly her vision was fading, like the image had been smashed and bits were falling apart, bit by bit. She grabbed onto Louis’ arm in a haste not to fall of her chair. Her eyes were completely blurred over now, Louis whispered, alarmed by the tightening grip on his arm, “What’s wrong love” he ushered so quietly it felt like a world away. She whispered back, her voice cold as ice. “It’s her.” She squeezed her eyes shut, and opened them again, just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. She opened them again, her eyes still filled up with tears. It was Willow.

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