Tell Me A Lie

Autumn is a bright young girl, who gets into the college of her dreams. She meets a lot of people. Some of those stick in her head like glue. Will her love life scandal ever be fixed or will she remain broken for ever?


1. Clintwood

“Shit what the?...” Autumn murmured as she banged her head hard on the metal frame of her bed. She sat up, holding her bruised head. It was eight o’clock. It was a Saturday morning, why the hell was she up? Wondering no longer she put her slippers on and trudged downstairs. As she was pouring the milk onto her cornflakes she heard the post flop through the letter box. She plodded over and looked through them “Mum, Mum, Dad, Bernie?” going through the post, even finding one for her dog which was sleeping quietly in the kitchen. As she walked away with the post in her hands, one big brown envelope slid through the flap. She saw it was addressed to her! She carefully tore open the seal and took out the letter and began reading “Autumn Sophia Smith, you have been accepted into Clintwood University of Performing Arts,” as soon as she saw the word Clintwood she burst into a spasm of hysterical screaming. “What the hell is going on?” she turned around to see her very sleepy Mum, Dad and little sister standing in their pyjamas. “I GOT INTO CLINTWOOD” everyone was silent, when suddenly her mum burst into an out of control screaming frenzy, and the whole family was out of control. Finally they stopped and went to get ready. As they walked up the stairs, Autumn said “You excited I'm going then Demi?” nudging her sister and giving her a little wink.  “I'm going to miss you sis, but I'm sure I can handle it” Demi winked back. All that screaming was worth that bowl of soggy cereal.

A week later Autumn started to pack. “How many bloody clothes do I have?” she said looking at the five closed suitcases. She walked around her bedroom and traced the rose pattern on her bedding with her fingertips. She was going to miss her room, but most of all she would miss Demi. Autumn just turned nineteen and Demi was fourteen. Next week she would be going into Year 10 and Autumn would be starting Clintwood. Her and Demi were so different, Autumn was into the performing arts; music, singing, dancing and acting. Where Demi was into languages, she was studying Spanish, French Italian, Latin and German.

“I’m going to miss her so much” she whispered and stopped running her fingers down the stalk of the roses. Autumn heard her phone going and looked around her room; she saw that Demi wanted to Facetime her. “DEMI!” Autumn shouted. She saw her beautiful smile pop up on the screen. Demi had perfect teeth, but she had braces for three years. “Guess what Autumn? I got my GCSE options” she looked at Autumn with her bright blue orbs. “OMG I'm so happy for you, what did you pick again?” Autumn was so happy for Demi, she looked so content, she was starting to form into a grown up, mature young girl. “I picked Spanish, French, History, Italian and Business” she said smiling. Demi wanted to work in an international bank, with all these languages she would get there, and she was in the advanced maths class. “I'm so proud of you hunny, it’s unreal”. Suddenly a name popped up on the screen. “Demi I’ve got to go, need to take this call, is that okay?” Demi nodded and blew a kiss goodbye. The name on the screen was; Harry.   

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