1D is totally awesome

You can see your next boyfriend being Harry Styles and you and him were just sitting on your couch at your house and Harry leans over to you and said to you that you are the best girlfriend he has ever had in his live and he would not know what to do without you!! You are the beautiful and best girlfriend for me to be with!! I am so lucky to have you and I never wanna lose you to another guy he said you answered him don't worry I am never going to brake up with you because you are awesome and I would have to die if we ever broke up because life is not just worth life if I'm not with you!!


2. The first date with the one and only Harry Styles

Harry comes to your house to pick you up for first date!! You were so excited that you had to get ready the whole day because you really wanted everything to go perfectly when Harry got to your house that night you freaked out because he was there and it was time for your first date!! You got to the drive in moives which you did not know where you were going because he did not tell you where you were going!!

The movie that you and Harry went to see was valentines day (a romantic movie) and your dream comes true Harry put his arm around you in the movie and at the end of the movie Harry kisses you and it was the best kiss ever!!

On the car ride home you are really sad because you don't wanna see Harry leave your house and Harry said to you that don't worry because even though I have to leave you I will always be with you when ever you need me!!

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