1D is totally awesome

You can see your next boyfriend being Harry Styles and you and him were just sitting on your couch at your house and Harry leans over to you and said to you that you are the best girlfriend he has ever had in his live and he would not know what to do without you!! You are the beautiful and best girlfriend for me to be with!! I am so lucky to have you and I never wanna lose you to another guy he said you answered him don't worry I am never going to brake up with you because you are awesome and I would have to die if we ever broke up because life is not just worth life if I'm not with you!!


1. Harry = awesome

Harry is the awesomest boyfriend you could get ask for you should never let him go!! He should mean the world to you!! Never live life without loving Harry!! I would be totally lost without Harry being in 1D!! I love him so much!!
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