Come back to me

I was in love with him until he turned into a big pop star and left me his 'Best Friend' behind..
(This is a Niall Fan fic and in the chapters that say 'The Past' It takes it to a memory ok? But if it doesn't then the setting is in the future.)


7. yummm

Jackie's POV 

"Why don't we celebrate?!" Said Mrs.Horan as me and Niall stopped hugging. Niall nodded and he looked at me. "Jackie please!" I nodded and said "Just for you loser." I smiled and punched him playfully. Mr and Mrs Horan exchanged looks. "Niall C'mon lets go get dressed uo and you ladies go buy something nice." Mr.Horan said as he winked at his wife. I was so short compared to Niall's mom in heels. "Ok sweetie lets go and buy something cute!" I was worried because Mrs.Horan is a dress kinda lady and im more of a Soccer clothes and converse girl. 

when we arrived at the store Mrs.Horan led me to te dress department. "Sweetie?" She said taking out dresses and putting them on her arm. I nodded "Yes Ma'am?" She smiled at me and I smiled back. "So.. How do you feel about Niall?" She checked my face. "Niall? He's my best friend." I said confused. "No I mean do you like him?" That shocked me. Did I like him? "I- i dont know.."  I felt my face get hot. "Why do you ask?" I said as I looked at my shoes. "Maybe he likes you.. But we will find out tonight. Now how about this strapless blue dress it brings out your skin tone." 

Niall's POV

"So kiddo hows life going?" My dad asked as we were in the car. "Its great dad!" I said a bit over excited. He looked at me. "Anyone special?" He asked I nodded. "Liz burlingham." He looked at me almost immedetly. "What about Jackie?" Does he know? "What about her." I asked. When we reached my house. It feels so good to say that. I went inside and checked my room. Its been years since I've been in here. I saw my wall was filled with pictures of me and Jackie. "JACKIE'S 7TH BIRTNDAY." said one back of the picture. It was me and Jackie sitting in the mud and she was smiling. I was sitting spacing out. "KINDERGARDEN GRADUATION." another one said. I remember this Jackie was pouting because she was wearing a dress. I was a suit and I was trying to cheer Jackie up. I heard a knock. "You like her right?" That caught me off guard but I was so confused. I mean were best friends. And I dont want to ruin our relationship.

Jackie's POV

Mrs.Horan helped me put on the dress and she curled my hair. She said that I didnt need make up because I was already so pretty. I doubt it.. When I looked in the mirror and I couldnt believe my eyes. "This cant be me." I said in disbelif. Mrs.Horan squised my shoulder and handed me my black converse. "Nothing says Jackie than your shoes." I hugged her and for the first time ever I thought I actually thought I looked nice.. "We're ready!" Mr.Horan said from down the stairs. My dress was really very tight. How could normal girls do this! Mrs.Horan went downstairs first. "Jackie C'mon Honey!" She said. I wasnt used to walking like a princess so I just walked normaly. I eyed Niall. He looked Ohh so very handsome. "Holy.." i heard him mutter. He touched one my curls. "Mom are you sure this Jackie?" I laughed. "Yes its me Niall." 

Niall's POV

I couldnt believe my eyes! Jackie looked so beautiful that we didnt need the moo because when she steps outside she will light up the world! Jackie looked she looked.. Im dating Liz. I cant do this.. I felt my phone in my pocket vibrate. I opened it and saw a message. I ignored it. That can wait. My father nudged me to escourt her to the car. "Um Jackie?" I said as I extended my hand. She took it and again I could feel her umm.. I started to turn red and very quick. "Thank you." She said as she sat down in the back seat. I noticed her shoes. "Only you can pull it off." I said in a flirting way. Her phone beeped she opened it saw the message and closed it. "Whats wrong?" I asked. She smiled a hurtful smile "Oh nothing." By that time my parents started the car and we went on our way to the resturant. 

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