Come back to me

I was in love with him until he turned into a big pop star and left me his 'Best Friend' behind..
(This is a Niall Fan fic and in the chapters that say 'The Past' It takes it to a memory ok? But if it doesn't then the setting is in the future.)


11. What Happened...

Niall's POV 

I had to wake up early and shower. I was going to school and I couldnt wait! I went downstairs and found the guys down there. Liam and Harry were wearing aprons "Have a good day! Don't make guys faint! And if guys are mean to you flirt with their girlfriends!" Harry said as he winked. I grinned as Liam punched him "Don't do the second part mate." He said as he nodded a bit. Zayn handed me my lunch. "Go get her tiger!" Zayn said as Louis growled. I laughed as I was pushed out the door. "And remember dont tell anyone your Niall! Let them find out!" They all said at the same time. When I reached the school gates I toke a deep breath. "Here we go." I was about to step when I hear whispering. I turned around and there were a whole bunch of girls surrounding me. "Um hello?" I said as I waved awkwardly. "AHHH! NIALL HORAN!" One girl shieked. I was used to it but not at school. When I came here last year no girl but Liz liked me liked me.. Speaking of Liz were was that witch? Where was Jackie?! After the whole surrounding stopped I saw three girls coming from far. Jackie!!! They stopped pointed toward the crowd. The two girls I didnt know opened their eyes wide and ran towards us. I wondered why Jackie had not. When they reached me all they could do was squeal. "H-h-h-hi!!!!" One girl said. She has brown eyes and brown wavy hair. The other girl had glassed and black wavy hair also only dark brown eyes. They were pretty. 

Jackie's POV 

While Isabel and Daniela ran towards Niall Horan I stayed back. I liked their music but I wasnt really into them. One question was swirling around i my head. Why does he seem so familar? I always wear this multi colored rock on my neck. It simbolizes something.. I just dont remember what.. But I feel weird without it. I procceded to walk towards the gate. Isabel and Daniela were waiting for me on the other side of the gates. "HURRY JACKIE!!" I heard Isabel scream. I started to run. I ran past Niall. I felt his gaze on me. But why should I care? I met up with Daniela and Isabel "So whats the 411?" I asked as they showed me their autographs. We walked into the school were that one question would haunt me until I find why..

Niall's POV 

The way she ignored me made my heart sink. She didnt look at me nor did she says hi.. Is she still mad? The first bell rang. I walked inside. Maybe I'll find out by asking Dan.. Only were to find him? I went to my locker and Jackpot!! It was a couple across from Jackie's and her friends. Wait that means!!! I could have most classes wit hers! "Excuse me?" I turned around and stared at a guy who was just standing still. "I knew it was you man." The guy put his hand out. "C'mon Niall. Handshake?" The boy said. He was super slim and was wearing what Liam mostly wears on special days. His hair was spiked up. I didnt reconize him.. "Um who are you?" I asked. He slapped his back "It's me Dan!" I was shocked. I hugged him. "Whats up man?!" I asked him. He smiled "The sky man! Just kidding. Nothing much you heard about Liz?" I was shocked I remembered being so angry. "Yeah?" I said. Dan grinned "Well she moved to america." I couldnt help but smile. "Hows Jackie..?" I asked with more force. At first Dan smiled then frowned "Well man.. She's err.. um.. alright..." I blinked hard. Something was wrong. "Whats wrong Dan?" He smiled again only you could tell he was hiding something. "You know she's popular. Soccer champ.. Smokin hot.. Also has Smokin hot friends. And her Quincera was last year.." he slowed down. I slapped my forehead. "DAMN IT!" I hit the lockers. No wonder she must of been pissed!! "And she won't remember things.." Dan finished. "What did you say?" I asked shocked. 

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