Come back to me

I was in love with him until he turned into a big pop star and left me his 'Best Friend' behind..
(This is a Niall Fan fic and in the chapters that say 'The Past' It takes it to a memory ok? But if it doesn't then the setting is in the future.)


13. The sad truth

Niall's POV 

When we arrived at her house I couldn't believe my eyes. The house?! What happened to her house!? I was so speechless that all came out was a sound.

Jackie's POV 

Burning... It all was burning.. The tempeture rising to the maximum.. Screaming there was also screaming. "AHHHH MOM!!!!!" I jumped up and wiped the sweat off my forehead. Another nightmare about that day. I walked downstairs of my aunts house. since my aunt is never home she bought me this house to myself. I went to the kicthen and drank some water. "Ahh..." I sat down on a chair. What does this all mean? 

Dan's POV

My phone beeped. I Rubbed my eyes and it was Niall. I answered "Yeah man?" I asked as I sat up in my bed. "I need to know." He responded. I blinked hard "Know what?" I heard him get angrier "What happened to Jackie's house?" I gulped when he asked that. "Niall I don't think your ready to hear this yet." I said into the reciever. I could already imagine him throwing his pillow across the floor. "Tell me Dan. Please.." he said. I shook my head and agreed. "Ok listen.. You left a year ago and so Jackie was sad. She had her quince and everything. But 5 months  after everything happened.. Tragidy hit.. Jackie was sleeping in her room. There was.. There was a fire. That fire killed both her parents. She was on the second floor and the fire was already at her door. She had no choice but to jump out.. She grabbed some Neckelace and some pictures and jumped. She broke her leg and she was hospitalized for a month because she was in shock.. She won't remember anything because she has amnesia.." I could feel the tears coming I hadnt ever wanted to talk about this.. I heard Niall sniffle "Im sorry Niall... But Jackie just not the same anymore.." "I-I gotta go." I heard Niall say as he hung up. I curled up into a ball and fell asleep.


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