Come back to me

I was in love with him until he turned into a big pop star and left me his 'Best Friend' behind..
(This is a Niall Fan fic and in the chapters that say 'The Past' It takes it to a memory ok? But if it doesn't then the setting is in the future.)


5. No way.

Niall's POV

When we woke up Jackie was already awake "About time that you wake up." She said as she threw her towel at me. "Your already done?" I said as I toke it  off my face. She nodded and sat down next to me "I'm meeting Dan this morning so I had to get up early." Dan? "Why are we meeting him?" I asked getting up and stretching. She looked at me and smiled "There's no we. Only me." That's when everything stopped "Hold up. What are you two going to do?" She narrowed her eyes at me and said "Nothing. I gotta go so I'll see you after school!" She ran out the door. "Wow." That's the only thing I could say. I went upstairs and got ready. As I was getting ready something beeped in the Jackie's room. "It's just her phone." I said as I opened her door. I went to pick it up and it beeped again. At the screen there was a message "Are you Hun?" It was from Dan. I had an emotion rage.. I was mad and sad and I wanted to punch Dan. But it's my fault for waiting to long I guess. I stopped thinking about it for a minute and grabbed my book bag and left. Everyone was talking about the auditions and I pushed the thought of Jackie and Dan dating to the back of my head.

Jackie's POV

"Dan!" I said as I reached the school gates. He waved as he pushed himself off the ledge of the gate. "Hello Jackie." I nodded as we walked towards the campus. "So what did you need my help my help with?" I said as we stopped by the coffee stand. "Well." He began saying as he ordered his coffee. "I needed your help with girl advice." I toke one coffee from his hand. "Girl advice?" I responded. He nodded and added "Yeah. Like when they like a girl what's the signs they give out?" I thought for a moment. "Signs? Well Dan I guess one would be like if they hit you? Ah! I don't know!" Dan sighed at me and said "What are the signs you give Niall?" I burned my tongue when he said that "Ouch! And what do you mean give him signs?!" I don't make it that obvious right? The bell rang as I stood up "Dan please! Don't tell Niall anything! It's not right for me and him to be together. Please!" Dan nodded and grabbed his book bag "You got my word. But I think you two make a good couple." He said as he winked. I rolled my eyes as we walked into the school.

Niall's POV

All I could think about was Jackie and the audition. When I walked into the building I saw Jackie. I ran up to her but stopped when I saw Dan. Why am i feeling like this? My heart is beating a mile a minute. I would die if he takes her hand. Thank god he didn't! I think they saw me because Jackie waved at me "Niall!" she said. I snapped out of it "Hey guys..." I said as I walked towards them. Dan and Jackie smiled and I faked a smile. I don't know what this feeling is. "Niall. I think she's waiting for you.." Jackie said as she pointed at Liz. Liz is kind of my girlfriend. I looked over at her and waved at her "Hi Liz." I said as she jumped up and locked her fingers into mine. "Hi honey. Let's go." She said giving a dirty look to Jackie. Jackie just wiggled her fingers "Hello Liz. Let's go Dan. See you later Niall." She said turning around and leaving. I couldn't say anything even though I wanted I did. "Why do you still hang out with her Niall? She is so ruining you." I stopped in my tracks and stared at Liz "Liz if you have nothing nice to say about Jackie don't say anything at all. Let's go." Liz looked at me bug eyed. I didn't care no one insults Jackie and get's away with it.



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