Come back to me

I was in love with him until he turned into a big pop star and left me his 'Best Friend' behind..
(This is a Niall Fan fic and in the chapters that say 'The Past' It takes it to a memory ok? But if it doesn't then the setting is in the future.)


8. No goodbye for you

Jackie's POV

When We got home after the resturant Niall's parents had a night shift. "Bye lad take care." His dad said as he hugged him. "My baby.. I know you leave for bootcamp soon. We'll be back to take you promise." His mother said. Boot camp? Whats that? Niall's parents waved one last time and then they were gone. "I gotta take all this off." I said as I looked at him. He nodded and I decided to hurry. When I came back downstairs I saw Niall. "Going to bed?" I asked checking my fridge. He glared at me, "you knew didnt you?" I blinked hard. "Knew what?" I said confused. I saw the angry look on his face. "You heard me." I shook my head "Niall whats wrong?" He had tears in his eyes. "I can't believe you." He said as he throw his phone at my feet. He ran up to his room sniffling. I picked up his phone and saw the picture. I had known about this. When we were on the way to the resturant. I was in shock. Never had Niall been so angry with me. That hit me hard. I walked up to my room and slammed myself on my bed. I started to think. "Niall..." i said one last time before going to sleep. 


Niall's POV 

I was hiding under my covers. Trying hard to swallow my tears. How could she do this to me? I had heard rumors about Liz cheating on me but I never thought it would be true. Not until I saw the picture of Liz kissing someone who was clearly not me. And Jackie knew about this! That hurt even more!! I was glad I was leaving for boot camp. And I was even more glad to never see Liz again. I heard Jackie's door close. I couldn't get the thought of Jackie not telling me. I felt mad,sad,disappointed,betrayed. I closed my eyes but I kept seeing that horrible picture. How could they do this to me? I was leaving tomorrow morning and I ws glad. Maybe then I'll forget about everything that happened tonight. I plugged in my music and started to doze off. I couldnt sleep so I had an all-nighter. My flight was tomorrow at 5:30. Maybe just maybe I could leave without Jackie noticing. 


I got dressed and walked down the stairs quietly. I made a squeking sound as I stepped on the 5th step. Once I had made it down the stairs I had to make sure the door didn't make any noise. I pulled it hard and no noise was made. I was outside when my parents pulled up. "Where's Jackie?" My mom said as she looked though the window. "Shes not coming." I responded "How come." My father asked. I shurgged and climbed in the car. So far I had no regrets.


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