Minds Change Like The Weather (One Direction Short Story)

*Short Story*
Sarah Sanders is Liam's best friend since the kindergarten she's always wanted to tell him about her love but the destiny plays the amazing role as each one of them finds the fate that was meant to be.


1. Minds Change Like The Weather. (One Direction Short Story)


Louis’ P.O.V.:

I knocked the door to her room but nobody answered me, I knocked it again this time nobody answered and the door wasn’t closed well so it opened, I entered hoping to find Anna.

“Sarah, are you here?” I asked, but no-one answered, so I entered but nothing weird was at the room so I was going to get out, but I saw this dark blue notebook that had a title over it saying “MINE” written with orange, so I thought it would probably be her diary, I had a strong urge to open it and know how she’d been thinking all this time, especially that I’ve seen her holding this notebook so many times before coming here with the her and the rest of the lads and the girls.

December, 2nd 2011

Dear diary,

I was laying on my bed playing it all through my mind, like a video tape, the same conversation plays back in my mind, the same words, I couldn’t believe that my best friend since the day we met in the kindergarten thinks that I am pathetic, all of this just because his girlfriend told him I’m in love with him and I was so pathetic and he agreed.

Liam was never this kind of boy, he was my best friend, I always wanted to tell him the truth about how I was feeling, but I always got so scared, he went to the auditions on the X-Factor and I was still the same coward girl, I could never find the guts to tell him that my feelings towards him have changed through all these years.

I could never tell him when he was alone and my best friend, now that he’s got his girlfriend Danielle and that he’s become in one of the most famous bands on the earth he’d think that I’m using him, as if he hasn’t already after what Danielle said about me, I know she was trying to help me and she felt guilty towards me, I wanted to thank her for that but when I heard them saying the word PATHETIC, my mind went numb and my tears were burning my eyes as they fell on my face like a rushing water fall, this day was the day I started cutting.


My eyes widened as I read the word CUTTING, I’ve never knew that she’d do this to herself, not Sarah, she was so strong, she was the shoulder for all of us to cry on, she’d held on a lot to much more difficult things, I have never ever thought that she might do this to herself. I flipped a few other pages to find another entry.


January, 3rd 2012

My sweet diary, I don’t know if what I’m feeling these days is real, I mean can minds change really?

I don’t know whether I should believe the feeling inside of me or not!

To fall in love is not easy, especially that I’ve been through this failure experiment but it was never close to the success, I mean falling in love with your best that dates a beautiful girlfriend then you call it successful!


Louis, yes, he’s been so much nice with me, I don’t know am I feeling this because I’m about to fall for him or is he really being nicer with me?

Anyway I’ll have to go for now, he asked me for a date that he says it’ll be a regular date between two best friends.


I smiled when I remembered this day, we both decided to go for a walk after I insisted on her to come with me on a date, we didn’t know what to do so we just walked and bought coffee, it was a very funny night. I wanted just to know what happens next so I flipped to the next page which was for my surprise empty, I flipped another one and still the same but after a few pages I found a third entry.


February, 29th 2012

My diary,

You don’t know how it’s been all so hard, the college life, and Louis’ crush that’s been growing inside of me and apparently I’m going to fail again as always because Louis has been so busy at his work as he and the boys are preforming and they talk about the North America tour.

Should I tell him or not?

Should I collect every single drop of guts in me and try to tell him?

I don’t want to lose him just as I’ve done with Liam!


The idea of her having crush on me made my jaw drop, because I always was afraid that she would consider me as her brother, but then I need to remind myself may be she’s had that crush on me those days and may be now she’s in love again with Liam as she was used to be. I couldn’t think properly to which entry I should read so I flipped looking for the last entry she had written and it was written today.


April, 30th 2012

My diary,

I have to say I can’t take it anymore, cutting has been like a drug, I can’t stop it, Louis called me a few minutes earlier to ask me for a walk by the beach, I couldn’t let  him see me like this, broken and scared, the exams will start soon, I’m so stressed, Louis is leaving soon too, I don’t know what to do, for the first time my mind could change like the weather I’m glad that Liam’s happy with Danielle as we fixed our  friendship all, now all that’s left is for Louis to know that I love him.

I’ll go to the beach alone, now and in case he called me I’ll tell him I’ve been there.





I put the notebook on the table as it was, then I went out of the house and closed the door behind me, to make sure nobody opens it easily like I did, then I got into my car, I drove it very fast, I knew exactly where she’d be, there was this spot at the beach where she showed me on the first date when we walked by the beach.

I parked my car and locked the doors then I ran out of it to where I was sure I’d find Sarah, she was sitting with her legs crossed and she had her face buried in her hands, she was shaking, I understood immediately that she’s crying so I went sitting beside her as I put my arm around her in a protective hug as I patted her back too. She removed her hands from her face as she removed her hands to look at me.

“Why do you have to do this to yourself?” I asked her in a low tone,

“What would’ve been your reaction when everything overwhelms you?” She muttered while she was wiping her tears,

“Sarah, I can help you,” I whispered,

“No, Nobody can,” She shook her head,

“What if  ...”

“What if what?”

“Sarah, what if I told you that I believe that minds change like the weather, and I believe that I love you,” I let the words come from my mouth with no regret,

“Louis, are you sure?” She asked me with her red puffy eyes,

I smiled and nodded, “Yes, I’m sure; you’re the one I need to be with,” I said as I came closer to her and kissed her forehead.

“I’m sorry you had to know it this way,” She whispered,

“No, I’m sorry for letting you wait all this time.” I replied smiling a little smile at her to see her face lighting up with a beautiful smile.

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