✨My ❤ Belongs 2 U✨

This story is about a teenage girl who gets to be reunited with her BFF, Harry Styles,from her childhood, But once they gain feelings for each other will one of the other band members fall in love with her too? Or will a love triangle happen?

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2. Well, Harry is gone what am I suppose to do? 😭

it's been two years since Harry left me and I still get those flashbacks. To tell you the truth I've had a huge crush on him since I turned 12 years old. I was thinking to tell him, but he's gone. What am I supposed to do? I'm really glad though that he's living the life. He's famous and he also might have a girlfriend much prettier than me and his voice is so angelic. He never even told me he could sing.

It makes us even though, because I never told him I could sing either, but who cares he will never remember me! I mean what happened to BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!?!? He probably threw away his BFF bracelet or something, but I still have it, even after all these years. I can only be mad at him for seconds, he is my best friend right? I can't stay mad at him for years...

I'm a loner now. I never really had much friends because before I had Harry and now I'm just here in my room thinking and listening to music. I wonder what's Harry doing right now.

"Florah!!!!!" my mom yelled from downstairs.
"Yah!!!!!" I yelled back.
"Someone's here for you!!!!!"
"OK I'll be there in just a sec, k!!!!!"

I came downstairs to a big surprise.

"Harry?" I said surprised and mad at him.
"The one and only." He said reaching out for a hug.
I just stood there as he hugged me, I'm really surprised. No one even told me?
"You sing?" I said.
"You never told me?"
I just was so mad and confused I just wanted to be alone. I ran upstairs crying. I went inside my bedroom and slammed the door shut.
I hid in my closet because there wasn't a lock in my bedroom, I didn't even want to be seen.
It was Harry again. Come on I just need some privacy!!! God, this boy.
"Florah!?!" He was now in my room.
He searched under the bed, behind the couch, and in the bathroom connected to my room.
But that's when I ruined It all I sneezed.Stupid dust!!!!
"Florah! I know your in the closet." I'm caught...
"No I'm not..," I mumbled.
He opened the closet slowly and just stared at me. It seemed like forever just staring in his greenish blue-ish eyes.
"What's wrong?" he asked as he held his hand to pull me out of the closet.
I pushed through him. I grabbed my jacket and ran outside as far as I could. I decided to go to the park and rest.
Good thing I wasn't wearing any makeup, if I did I would look like a mess.

___Harry's POV___

"What did I do wrong?" I said to Zayn through the phone.
"You know girls, bro. They're like that." Zayn said back to me.
"Yah, but Florah isn't like that. I know her! I must've done something wrong."
"It's not my problem, i'm not a girl how am I suppose to know?"
Zayn did have a point.
"Ok bye Zayn, I need to look for Florah."
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