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This story is about a teenage girl who gets to be reunited with her BFF, Harry Styles,from her childhood, But once they gain feelings for each other will one of the other band members fall in love with her too? Or will a love triangle happen?

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8. Roommates! 😳

____Niall's POV____

I was so excited to be staying at Florah and Max's house. As soon as I figured out where the conversation was going I ran to Harry's and repacked my bag, grabbed my guitar and flew down the stairs just as the boys were walking in. "Whoaaa! Someones a little excited!" Liam laughed. I just ignored them and ran back to Florah's. She had changed into her pajamas and was just sitting on the couch when I ran in. She jumped up and immediately fell back down laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked her.

"Oh my god, Niall, your face!" she said between her laughing fits.
"What about my face?" I said confused.
"It's like purple!" she yelled.
"Wha- oh.. Yeah I ran here and back with all my stuff." I said chuckling at myself.
"Oh, I see," she replied catching her breath.

Just then Harry ran in and yelled,"Maxy baby, I'm hoooome!" and then he quickly bolted down the stairs. I'm guessing he went to Max's room. Me and Florah looked at each other and burst out laughing. A few seconds later Louis, Liam and Zayn ran in out of breath as well. This caused another huge laugh attack between me and Florah.

Once we finally quit laughing we were both in tears and had red faces. Oh boy. We looked funny. She showed Liam, Louis and Zayn to the guest bedrooms upstairs and as they fought over who was getting which one Florah took me downstairs and walked into her room. It was huge! Her walls were painted a light purple with cream colored carpet and she had dark colored wood bed, dresser, book case and nightstands. In the corner she had one of those really cool hanging seats with a pillow in it and she had a window seat. Her room was downstairs though, so instead of a window she had a giant fish tank where the window would be. Also, right in front of her bed was a huge flat screen tv with 7 beanie bag chairs. She watched my reactions as I explored her room. She pointed out her bathroom and he walk in closet. When I turned back to her I said,"Wow. Your rooms amazing." "I know," she said smiling. "So where am I staying?" I asked her and then dove onto her king sized bed.

She walked over to where the beanie bags were all lined up against her wall and pushed them away. She clicked a button on a remote and a king bed started coming down from out of the wall. "Holy.." I muttered. She laughed and said,"I'll leave you to get comfortable."

____Florah's POV____

I left Niall in my room with his mouth hanging down by his knees. I walked across the basement to Max's room, which was almost the exact same as mine just more boy-ish and it had a different layout. Still, it had all the same stuff. I walked into Max's room and Harry was lying on the other king bed. "Well hello love!" he said cheekily. I went over and sat in Max's hanging chair and said,"Hello styles!"

"So whose rooming with you?" Harry asked.
"Niall, you should've seen his reaction! It was priceless! Especially when I hit the button and the bed started folding out of the wall! Oh my gosh. It was hilarious." Florah replied giggling.
"We should go see what the boys are up to"
"Sure, just let me go grab Niall."

I walked to my room to find Louis and Niall arguing while Liam sprawled out on my bed. I walked in and layed down next to Liam. "What's going on?" I whispered since he looked pretty tired. " Well, long story short, Me and Lou came down to find you guys and now Lou wants to stay in here since its pretty awesome but Niall refuses and says he's staying in here." Liam whispered back. "Oh boy.." I said quietly and then jumped up and tackled Niall onto his bed. "Sorry, Lou! Niall already called dibs on it!" I said while sitting on Niall's back. Lou pouted,"Fine, but Flo.." "Flo?" I asked making myself comfortable on Niall. "Yeah, that's my nickname for you!" "Oh ok! I actually like that." she replied after thinking about it. "Well, I'll be upstairs with Harry and Max if you need me!" i said as I got up off of Niall and left the room.

____Niall's POV___

When Florah left I layed down on my bed then got up to explore her room with Lou. First we checked out her bathroom which had a huge vanity area and she had a spa tub with jets in it and a seperate shower! I was definitely going to use this. Then we saw her closet which was big as well! This girls room was amazing. Lucky girl.

Me and Lou came out and ran upstairs to join the rest of the group and they said they were going to watch a movie. "What movie?" I yelled from the kitchen as I was raiding the cupboards for junk food. "The devil inside and I blame Zayn!" Florah yelled back. I chuckled and made some popcorn and then went and sat beside Zayn on the couch.

____Harry's POV___

It was about 10:30 as we started the movie. Florah went and got three blankets and sat back between me and Zayn. Florah shared with Zayn. I shared with Max and Niall shared with Lou. Liam wasnt here? He's probably sleeping or talking to Danielle. The movie was kind of scary. There was a lot of pop ups. Oh well.

____Zayn's POV___

I love scary movies. Florah doesn't, but she wanted to watch with us. Every time there was a pop up she screamed and buried her head in my chest. It was funny, but she was scared so I put my arm around her. Soon enough the movie ended and she was wide awake. She stood up and said goodnight to everyone and kissed all our cheeks and gave us hugs and then she went to her room. She was probably terrified.

____Florah's POV___

I cannot believe I sat through the whole movie. I knew how I got with scary movies and now I wouldn't be able to sleep. Great, I thoughts i walked into my room to find Liam. He was crying on my bed with his head in his hands.

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