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This story is about a teenage girl who gets to be reunited with her BFF, Harry Styles,from her childhood, But once they gain feelings for each other will one of the other band members fall in love with her too? Or will a love triangle happen?

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6. Questions and food! 😁

____Florah's POV___

When they introduced themselves I wasn't shy as I normally was around new people. I didn't know why, but I think I trusted them? That's weird. The only person I trusted was Harry. Why would I trust complete strangers?

"Uhm, Florah.. Are you alright?" Liam asked quietly while looking at me weird.
"Yeah. Yeah, sorry, just thinking." I replied looking confused and then went and layed on Harry's bed and pulled the blanked around me.

"Uh.. What are you doing?" Liam asked from the other side of the room.
"I'm cold and kind of tired actually." I replied.
"Oh.. So, how long have you known Harry?"
"Forever," I said with a smile.
"Same exact answer Harry gives us when we ask." Louis said smiling.
"AHH. Really!?" I said jumping up and sitting on Louis.
"Yes! Of course! Whoa. I thought you were shy?" Louis said.
"Shush. I'm not around you guys for some reason.. I have no idea why.."
"GOOD," Niall yelled and jumped up and sat on me and Louis.
"Ok guys, were going to play the question game! I haven't talked to Harry in like two whole years so I've heard nothing about you!" I shouted excitedly.
"Alright!" shouted Zayn.

We all got into a small circle in the middle of Harry's room with Niall And Liam on either side of me. Louis came up behind me and I screamed. All the boys laughed. "shut up." I told them laughing as well.

Louis lifted me up and made me sit on sit on his lap. Alright then, this is slightly awkward. Then Louis said,"Do you like carrots?"
"Just answer the question, woman!" he said and the guys laughed.
"Ok, Lou! I like carrots!"
"Wooooo! We can be friends now."
"What th-"
"Ask us questions! I'm getting hungry!" Niall said rubbing his tummy.

I laughed. He was adorable. "Well, oka-"

____Harry's POV___

"I see you guys are getting along well!" I said as I entered the room. Florah shot me a smile and so did Lou. Then out of nowhere Liam came and picked me up over his shoulder and Niall ran past us and we chased him down to the kitchen with the rest running behind us.

"Hey, put me down, Liam! Niall's going to eat all the food!" I shouted. Florah laughed and showed me she had two plates. "Thank god." I said out loud.

Florah giggled and started filling both plates while Liam was still holding me. Liam finally gave in and put me down and I ran into the living room to find Florah and my food. "You," I said and kissed her cheek,"are the best best friend ever."

She laughed and handed me my plate. Then out of nowhere all the boys rushed in and sat down, taking all the seats near Florah. I shot them all the evil eye. Florah must've noticed because she laughed loudly and so did Niall. Since all the seats around her were taken I sat on her lap and started eating. Florah groaned,"Really Harry?"

"Yes, Florah. You're a pretty comfy seat!"
"oh my.. Fine." she laughed and started eating.

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