✨My ❤ Belongs 2 U✨

This story is about a teenage girl who gets to be reunited with her BFF, Harry Styles,from her childhood, But once they gain feelings for each other will one of the other band members fall in love with her too? Or will a love triangle happen?

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1. ✨Flashbacks✨


_At Daycare (age 4)_

"You want some?" I asked to a young curly haired boy who forgot to pack his snack.

"Sure!" he said with a huge smile.

"BFF?" he asked.

"FOREVER!". I shouted.





_Beach (age 8)_

"Help,Help Harry!" I yelled as I nearly drowned.

"Florah!?!" he shouted as he swam to me. "Harry!!! help" I said as I swallowed some salt water. Harry put me on top of his back and he swam back to shore with me on top of his back. I sobbed,and sobbed,and sobbed....into Harry's chest.

"It's ok Florah, its ok..." Harry said comforting me.

"Thanks Harry, you saved my life." still choking from my tears.

"Anything for my Bestfriend." He said smiling.






_My birthday at school (age 14)_

"Happy Birthday Florah!!!" Harry said running over to me with a Purple Box.

"Harry!!!" I said as I ran to him and gave him a huge hug.

"Look what I got you!" He said as he opened the box. inside was 2 silver bracelets carved Best in one of the bracelets and Friends in the other.

"Harry, how sweet.. " as I picked it up with a smile.

"Let me put it on for you..." He said as he did.

"Thanks Harry lemme help you to." I put the one with Best on his right wrist.

"Best Friends Forever!!!" I shouted as I gave him another hug.





_At home (age 16)_

"Ugh...why won't Harry answer!?!" I said frustrated.

"Please leave a message right after the tone..." The phone said the sixth time.

"Harry please answer, I miss you so.... Much!" I said slurring the SO. my phone ringed.

"Florah?" It was Harry.


"We can't see each other anymore." I heard sniffing on the other end. Harry must've been crying.

"Why?" I said holding back the tears.

"Well....I'm moving."

"Where?" I said as a tear went down my face.

"London, England."

" I'll miss you so much Harry" I told him now breaking into tears.

"I know I'll miss you more....Bye Florah."

"Bye Harry...." then the phone call ended. I Cried so much because of Harry.

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