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This story is about a teenage girl who gets to be reunited with her BFF, Harry Styles,from her childhood, But once they gain feelings for each other will one of the other band members fall in love with her too? Or will a love triangle happen?

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11. 💔❤Confessions❤💔

__Florah's POV__ Ok, should I confess to Harry what I feel? Or should I not? Wasn't I always wanting to tell him? Ugh...decisions.... I'll do it! I've been waiting for years and this is the only time I can.

__Harry's POV__ Florah came walking towards me in a nervous way. "Harry..." Florah said. "hmmm?" I responded. "I need to tell you something...can we go outside for a moment?" "Yah sure." She grabbed my hand and we went out to the balcony. "Harry I....."

__Florah's POV__ "Harry I.....this is kind of nerve racking....but Uhm..uh....I-I L-l liked you ever since I turned 12...." His eyes widened. __Harry's POV__ She likes me? Wait why is she crying? "Florah, are you okay?" Without an answer she ran to her room.

__Liam's POV__ I was sitting in Florah's bed reading a book I brought along the way. I really like her room, it just makes me feel very relaxed. Florah came in running towards me crying. "F-Florah are you alright, love?" "I don't know what to do! I've just made our friendship awkward!" she said choking on her tears. "With Harry? What did you do? It's okay, Florah." "I told him I liked him ever since we both turned twelve." I embraced her and she cried some more. "What do I do Liam? He will never like me." I lifted her chin up so I could see her face. "Why wouldn't he like you? Your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!"

__Florah's POV__ The words rewinded in my head over and again. Suddenly Liam kissed me, it was a sweet long kiss.

__Harry's POV__ I ran into Florah's room and I saw Liam and Florah kissing. Just right after she confessed!

__Liam POV__ "LIAM!" Yelled Harry. Oh god, it's Harry. We stopped the kiss and looked at Harry. "What?" I answered cooly. "YOU KISSED MY BESTFRIEND" He grabbed Florah's wrist and dragged her out of the room.

__Florah's POV__ "WHAT HAPPENED?!?" Harry shouted at me. "Wanna know every little detail?" I said with some confidence. "OF COURSE!" "oh..ok. Well his lips were soft...and he's reall sweet and-" I said making him mad. "NOT THAT! HOW DID YOU GUYS END UP KISSING?" "Well I don't know how to explain that! So BYE!" I said skipping back to my room. "He's pissed!" I said to Liam with a confident smile. I hugged Liam really tight and said,"I'm hungry!" and then I skipped down the hall and into the kitchen.

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