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This story is about a teenage girl who gets to be reunited with her BFF, Harry Styles,from her childhood, But once they gain feelings for each other will one of the other band members fall in love with her too? Or will a love triangle happen?

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19. Best Friends. 💛

____Niall's POV___

Well that was embarassing. At least she didn't see anything. That would've been completely awkward. Harry signed me out and the doctor told me to take Advil if my head started hurting and with that we ran to Florah's vehicle to get away from the paparazzi. I let out a moan as I got into the back seat. I shouldn't have ran that fast. I have a major head ache now from all the flashing and yelling. I layed down in the back seat and Florah started the car and turned on the radio as we all jumped at the loud music. I groaned again, "Niall, I'm so sorry! I didn't turn it down from mine and Harry's drive! I totally forgot!" she looked at me worriedly. "It's alright." was all I could manage to choke out before a tear fell down my cheek. Worst head ache ever. Florah signed and told Harry to drive. She climbed into the back seat and sat beside me. She fastened mine and her seatbelts while I sat there and held my head. She put her arm around me, being careful not to bump my head, and pulled me closer to her. I put my head on her shoulder and let myself cry as Harry drove us home.

_____Florah's POV____

We pulled into the garage and walked into the house without a word. Harry met my eyes and then tossed me my keys. Niall slowly made his way downstairs holding his head and cursing. The boys still weren't home. Oh well, better for Niall I guess. I smiled at Harry and then went downstairs. I saw Niall laying in my bed. Weird. Whatever, I didn't want to question him because he was obviously in pain. I walked into my bathroom and filled the glass I kept on my counter with water and then dug through my purse for the Advil. I found it after I frustratedly dumped out the contents of my purse onto Niall's bed. I took a pill and the water and sat beside Niall. I made him turn to face me and helped him sit up. I tried to convince him to take the pill for a good 5 minutes but he kept refusing. I was about to force him when he finally gave in and took it from me,"Yes, mother." he replied grumpily and swallowed the pill and handed me the glass. He layed back down and turned his back towards me. I rubbed his back and played with his hair for a couple minutes and then put everything back in my purse.

As soon as I got the last thing into my purse my phone started ringing. "Ahh!" I whispered, since screaming would make Niall's head ache worse. I ran out of the room digging in my purse to see it was Louis. "What do you want?" I hissed into the phone. "I saw pictures of you and Niall and Harry at the hospital! What happened?!" he asked worriedly. I signed. "Niall is a clutz. That's what happened." I laughed quietly. "What did he do?" he asked concerned. "Put it on speaker so I don't have to tell this 3 more times." I ordered. "Ok," I heard a click,"You're on speaker." "Alright. Well, Niall is a huge clutz and he was coming out of the shower and slipped and was unconscious for a couple hours. He's all good though. Just a concussion and a huge head ache right now." i heard everyone sigh in relief,"Where are you guys anyways?" I questioned them. "On our way home now." Zayn yelled. I'm guessing he was driving. "Okay, just be quiet when you come in, Niall's got a huge head ache and he's trying to sleep." I heard a chorus of "okay's" and I said goodbye and hungup.

I went back into my room and looked at the sleeping Niall. "Oh Niall, what am I going to do with you?" I asked myself quietly. I walked into my closet to change out of my pajamas. I was in a cuddly mood and I wanted something cozy. I walked out of my closet with a tight fitting green racer back tank top and my skinny jeans. I walked into Max's room and stole a pair of sweats and I was about to grab a sweater when I noticed Harry's favorite Jack Wills sweater sitting on his bed. I ran over to it without hesitation and put it on. It smelled so good. Just like Harry, I thought with a smile.

I walked upstairs and ran into the living room and looked at all of them. They all stared back. I walked Into the kitchen, grabbed a muffin and then walked over and sat on Zayn. He gave me a weird look so I just smiled cheekily at him and stuffed the muffin into my mouth. He just laughed and took out his phone to take a picture of us. He showed me the picture and I laughed,"Am I usually this attractive?" Everyone laughed and Zayn tweeted the picture. "Gee, thanks Zayn. My attractiveness is going to be all over the world by tomorrow." I said sarcastically. He just smiled and kissed my cheek,"No problem, my attractive best friend." "Aweh, I'm your best friend?" I asked him. "Of course!" he said looking shocked because I didn't know.

____Liam's POV____

"You're my best friend too!" I chirped in. "Mine too!" Louis yelled. "Hey, guys! No fair! She's mine!" Harry said jokingly and then pouted. She got up off of Zayn and walked over to Harry. "Aweh, Haz! You guys can share me, but I'm not picking sides if there's any fights!" she said seriously. I laughed and thought about how amazing she was. She was amazing right? It wasn't just me? I mean I didn't have feelings for her anymore. I got over that. I really need to find myself a special someone though. My thoughts were interrupted when Louis said,"Let's watch a movie!" "Toy story!" I automatically said. "Ok! Fine." Harry grumbled and went to find it.

The movie went by fast and everyone was tired so we all decided to go to bed.

____Florah's POV____

After the movie was over I went downstairs and saw Niall still asleep in my bed. He looks adorable when he sleeps. I crawled in next to him since he was in my bed. I watched him sleep for a while. I started shivering out of nowhere and I realized I was freezing so I moved closer to him and put my head on his chest and slung my arm across his waist. He was so warm. I smiled, already feeling warmer and fell asleep.

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