Just an Ordinary Girl

This poem is about a young girl, maybe five or six, who lives in an ordinary lifestyle. She is told that nothing is really expected of her because she is normal and has no great amounts of money. This poem is one the girl has made up about her wishes, dreams and personal thoughts. Please enjoy!


1. Just an Ordinary Girl


Sometimes when I'm asleep,  I dream about diamond rings  I dream about fancy dresses,  And all that money brings    But when I wake up,  It's all drifted away  Because that's the thing about being normal,  Nothing you want can actually stay    At school I'm told I'm normal,  And nothing's expected from me,  But what they don't realize,  Is the things that they don't see    They can't see inside my head,  They can't read my mind,  But just because they can't,  They leave me behind,    So I'm left with just my dreams,  And dresses and fancy rings,  And I'm left there, thinking   All about what money brings     Poetry entry, sugar224  
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