A short story about a girl who was being abused by her boyfriend and her possible road to recovery.

(a/n**** not a true story!)


7. Visits


Since the month that I’ve been here, the only person to come and visit me is Jonah. He comes by every other day and we just hang out. We’re allowed to stay by ourselves. Everything is still the same with him. Same grades, same sports, same girl, same parents. He’s not doing any better. I’m just waiting for him to snap. Jonah’s already in far too deep.

A few days ago, I saw him. I thought he would come over to talk to me like we always did when he came. He didn’t. He walked past me and didn’t say a word. Jonah walked into one of the side buildings. Dr. Lidner’s building. He finally snapped I guess, but why is he here? They can’t just send him here because he’s under a lot of pressure. Can they?

He looks different. Not good different. Worse. At least his parents are making an effort to actually come and help him. From what I’ve seen, they really do mean well and all they want to do is get him the help he needs and take him home. I wish I could say the same thing for me. My parents haven’t come by even once. The last time I saw them was when they were signing the paper work to put me here. I honestly think they just got up and left me. They probably couldn’t handle the fact that perfect, harmless Micah did this to me. They loved him and trusted him. Just like me. Now we’re all alone.

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