A short story about a girl who was being abused by her boyfriend and her possible road to recovery.

(a/n**** not a true story!)


4. Speaking


We looked at each other for a while. This right here is the first time in months that I’ve seen him. He’s so different.

“I know this is a stupid question, but how are you? Really?” he finally said to me.

“I’m better…” I said my voice cracking.

“No really? How are you?”

He reached out and grabbed both my hands in his and looked at me waiting for an answer.


I let everything out in front of him. He sat down beside me and pulled me into a soothing embrace making sure he didn’t hurt me or move anything. Then I told him everything. I told him about Micah and how it all started. I told him about the name calling, the bruises, the cuts. I told him about how I was a prisoner and that I didn’t really have an escape. I told him how I just wanted to be free.

He cradled me against his chest while I poured my heart out to him and I will always be thankful for that. He was the only one to stay by my side and ask if I was alright. I shouldn’t have let him go. I shouldn’t have listened to Micah. I should’ve stood up for myself. Now I know.

Later on that day, I found out that they found me right on time. I was minutes away from dreaming forever.

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