A short story about a girl who was being abused by her boyfriend and her possible road to recovery.

(a/n**** not a true story!)


9. New Beginning

I'm finally out. I've been in the same place for almost a year now. I've been good throughout my stay at that place. No cuts, no bruises, no pain, but no promises. Speaking really helped me, but I still have my moments.

I'm not as I was before, a broken soul searching for an escape. I finally get to have my new beginning where I can write my own story. I can be happier and actually succeed. I want to succeed. 

But for now, I'll just sit here in my new room covered in the posters I was never allowed to have and the colors I was never allowed to paint. I can just sit back and relax because I know the worst is  over and I'm looking forward to the good things life has in store for me.

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