A short story about a girl who was being abused by her boyfriend and her possible road to recovery.

(a/n**** not a true story!)


6. Better


               It’s been a few days since I first entered the hospital. The doctor told me that I was healthy enough to get out. I told them that I was glad to go home, but they said that it wouldn’t happen. I was being sent to a rehabilitation center. I needed help, is what they told me. I think they’re right. I’m supposed to leave in a few hours.


                It’s different here. The walls aren’t a bland white color. Each room has its own color scheme. My room happens to be blue. A pretty light blue that reminds me of the sky. The furniture is white. Just like the clouds. I’m living in my dream. Not really, but I just want to think of it that way for now.

                They don’t allow us to have pencils or pens. They gave me a marker instead. Mine is green. My favorite color. I have to continue with school, but I’m so far behind that I’m not going to pass into the eleventh grade. My grades dropped so low that even I can’t look at them without getting dizzy from all of the zeros. They’re helping me though. Little by little, but still helping.

                After our lessons, some of us go talk to our assigned psychologist or whatever. I was assigned to Dr. Lidner. She prefers to be called Ruth, but to me, she’s still Dr. Lidner. She wants me to be open with her. I don’t want to. I’ve only told one person about everything and that was Jonah. Yes, I filed a report for Micah, but that was only for the physical and verbal abuse. Dr. L wants to know everything. She’s not exactly pushing me for answers. She’s just doing her job, but I don’t feel comfortable. Who would feel comfortable talking to a complete stranger about a topic like that? Not me. I’d rather be in my room looking up at my sky.

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