I Should've Kissed You

Your a 18 year old girl who finds one direction so hot what happens when you meet them.


2. Chapter 1-Lunch

I was eating my lunch which was a loaded potato with bacon,cheese,and ham.On the news the announcer said something about a hot new British/Irish band.I ran out to the TV where I saw that One Direction lost everything due to thieves and robbers.They said to call 888-35729 to get One Direction to stay with you.I lunged for the phone when my sister attacked me.I squirmed to get the phone while Bella was screaming at me to get the phone.I got the phone and called.I told them my address which was 3463 County Road 48 in Doncaster,England.They asked for my name and I said Jade Smith.They handed the phone to Harry while me and the boys talked for 5 minutes.Jack ran down screaming at me,"WHERE'S ONE DIRECTION???'.I told him to shush and talked to them.I got off the phone smiling like crazy.My sister stared at me with a what happened? look.I screamed and my parents ran down.They had to calm me down and I said,"One Direction called me love and are coming here tonight.My parents stared at me like what?.I never realized that day would change everything.My parents changed and started fighting and abused me since I was the oldest.


I updated sorry if it is short to you.I will update ASAP.

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