Wait what? Yes , No ...Maybe

Jay is your average 18-year-old girl , her parents died in a car accident two years ago, but she still feels like it was yesterday , she had always considered suicide , but she has 2 things to live for : Taekwondo and love. She was a natural in Martial Arts , she's been practicing it since she was three . The. There's love , she never trusted anyone , or loved. That let a hole in her heart. She then meets Harry , the love of her life , she loves him , but she doesn't know if he feels he same , she saw him kissing another girl , and is about to suicide herself ..... You can find out more by reading the whole story!


1. Well I might

I heard the noise of my alarm clock , I checked the time; it was 6:45 a.m. , had to get up to go to work. I heard my cellphone beep, checked it and it was a text from my stupid ex-boyfriend Ryan. When we first met he was the only one who cared about me , he helped me get on my feet again from my parents´death. 

When I agreed to be his girlfriend , I was happy at first , then I realized it was my biggest regret yet. I broke up with him, what else?  He was so mean , the reason , because I didn´t want to kiss him... I liked him but I didn´t feel that spark everyone talks about. ´Beep´ went my cellphone again, I stoped day-dreaming and read the texts:

The first text said: ´Are you gonna be my fucking girlfriend yes or no??!´ 

The second text said: ´I´m gonna hit you if u don´t respond! ´

I wasn´t scared of him though , all that time he said I was blabbing about random shit , I was telling him how I´ve been taking Taekwondo classes since I was three-years-old .

Anyway, I cut the day-dream again: "Why do I even do that?" - I ask myself saying it out loud.

I got up , took a shower, put my academy´s t-shirt on , my academy´s sweatpants on , tied my black belt, grabbed my belongins and I was off to work!

When I got there just in time, The class started , and my boss said to me : "You´ll be teaching the new kid, he started today , like right now so make sure he knows how this works ok? . "OK " - I respond. He looked like my age or a bit older. He was cute , but whatever

I walked up to him and the story starts from here : 

                                   *BELLA´S P.O.V : 

- "Hi , my name is Bella and yours is?" - I asked trying to be nice. "My name is Harry, you have a very nice name." -He said back to me , kinda flirting with me, I´m not sure but oh well. "thank you" -I said , I could feel my cheeks getting red. I left that aside and starting teaching him the basic moves : "Your going to put your right foot back, and bend the left one , then lift the back leg and just kick" - I said , to test his balance. He got the first part right , but he failed on the kick . He fell and started laughing his lungs out. I tried to not laugh or I´d get in more trouble than him. "Shh...people are staring.." - I whsipered as I helped him up. He got up and tried it again, this time I was helping. He learned basic moves pretty fast , and the class was over, It lasted 45 minutes but seemed like less. We finished and went outside. I was about to leave when someone grabbed my arm from behind. I jumped a bit and turned around. It was Harry. He looked in my eyes without saying anything , I stared into his beautiful and deep eyes, then he said : "You´ve got beautiful  blue eyes." I replied by saying: "Thank you, I love yours." Ok , I just met him and all but he  was very sweet and handsome.. I didn´t like him, I think . I might, I´m not sure. Plus I´m sure he has a girlfriend. 

                                           *HARRY´S P.O.V. : 

She had a beautiful name, gorgeous eyes , I ,loved her brown hair , with honey colored highlights and her smile was even better. I liked her. I can´t hide it. I just met her but I´ll ask her now that I have the chance. "I know we just met and all, but I like you, that´s why I wanted to talk with you...." I was scared she wouldn´t like me back or she had a boyfriend... She just smiled, then I continued : "Would you go out on a date with me?" - I asked trying not to be obvious that I really liked her. She looked into my eyes, I saw a tear go down her face. "I-I ...." she just walked away running and I followed her, I catched up , grabbed her arm, she turned around and I asked: "Are you okay?" She replied: "Yes, I guess...I like you to but I´m worried.." she said soflty . "Worried about what?" I said, "you might break my heart.." she whispered to herslelf, but I could still hear it clearly. "I promise I won´t" -I responded. She hugged me, and she said : "It´s 9:30 , its getting late" , as she pulled away. I smiled and asked : "So.. when are we having that date?" she smiled back, and answered : "Whenever you want to, I dont have a tight schedule...at all" She laughed shortly. "How bout now?" -I replied. "now'?" -she said , suprised. "yeah, I know a restourant that is open until 3 a.m" she replied: "okay.." and smiled. suprised, again.

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