Wait what? Yes , No ...Maybe

Jay is your average 18-year-old girl , her parents died in a car accident two years ago, but she still feels like it was yesterday , she had always considered suicide , but she has 2 things to live for : Taekwondo and love. She was a natural in Martial Arts , she's been practicing it since she was three . The. There's love , she never trusted anyone , or loved. That let a hole in her heart. She then meets Harry , the love of her life , she loves him , but she doesn't know if he feels he same , she saw him kissing another girl , and is about to suicide herself ..... You can find out more by reading the whole story!


2. Okay...?

                    *BELLA´S P.O.V. : *

Something just went through my head. How can someone like Harry ask me out? - I thought to myself. Plus, we met like an hour ago. This was to good to be true, I thought. "Is that a yes or a no?" - asked harry brreaking the silence. "okay.." I replied , trying not to seem desperate, but I was. Which was wierd cause I just met him, I never thought Love at first sight would happen to me.

We walked through the parking lot , upto his car. He opened the door for me, he was so sweet. We got there, got a table for two, and then the date started. We ordered and Harry just stared into my eyes. 

I could feel me cheeks getting pink. Then he said , "so.. since when do you talke Taekwondo?" - he said with his beautiful , british accent, I loved how he said everything so slow!  I replied by saying : "Since I was three," - a huge smile was on my face. Thinking about my childhood made me emotional. "You have the prettiest smile I´ve ever seen." -Harry said as he smiled , I loved that cheeky smile of his. Was it wrong for me feeling like this? , I asked myslef, I´v never liked a boy before, I shouldn´t trust him, or should I ? There was so much going on in my head , I suddenly felt dizzy.

Then we just talked, It felt like a Q & A session. he asked me stuff like, My favourite colour , food , ect.

*HARRY´S P.O.V : *

She was soo beautiful, and I know i´m the kind of guy that falls for a girl quickly, but I had a feeling she didn´t really like me. I was terrified she didn´t really like me so I asked : "Please tell me the truth, Do you like me or not?" -I asked , but I regret it. "the truth is , I really like you, but I´m scared" she said. I looked at her she really meant that, I could see it in her eyes.. "Scared of what'" - I asked softly. "You might break my heart, I remember the feeling, I just wanted to die." 

I could tell she was hurt real bad. we were at a Restourant , it wasn´t correct to talk about it here. We both had already finished our meals, so I asked: "Do you want to go to my house, now, I have something to say in private" -I whispered to her. "Ok" - she replied.

When we got the check , She offered in paying by saying: "I´ll pay , ok?" , I responded by saying : "I wouldn´t be a gentleman if I let you do that, plus I want to pay". She just smiled. We got into the car , and she just stared into my eyes, and I stared into hers. Then she said: "Thank you, I know we just met but..." -She was soo irresistible, I couldn´t resist her. 

I replied by saying : "but what?" she laughed a bit. "but....I really like you, It may be too soon, to tell you this but I´ve never been loved." 

 "How about now?" I said , while leaning into a kiss. Our lips met, she kissed back. She was an amazing kisser. After 5 , We pulled away. 

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