Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


15. You scared us.

Lux's POV 
I didn't want to leave Kendra or Sima but the nurse practically pushed us out of the room. I hugged Uncle Harry when I got back to the waiting room. I felt like this was all my fault. It wouldn't have happened if me and Meagan weren't fighting. 
"Do you think this is my fault?" I looked up at Uncle Harry.   

Harry's POV 
Lux was genuinely concerned. She thought it was her fault that Sima and Kendra had ended up here. I say down on the waiting room chair next to Bianca. 
"Come here," I patted my lap and Lux came and sat. "It's not your fault," I smiled, "It's not anyone's fault."
Bianca sobbed quietly and I wrapped my arm around her. 
"Lux, what happened before the accident?" 
She looked up at me and frowned, a tear escaping her eye. 

Lux's POV 
I decided to tell Uncle Harry everything and Meagan came and sat with me. 
"I was talking to Meagan because she wasn't talking to us," I started. 
"Why Meagan?" Bianca mumbled. 
"Because someone told me that they didn't like me," Bianca said. 
"Why didn't you wait to hear it from the horses mouth?" Harry asked her. 
"Huh?" we both laughed in unison. 
"Why didn't you ask them directly?" Bianca filled in, the etch of laughter on her face. 
"Because, I didn't want to talk to them." 
"But it's not true," I frowned, "You, Keny and Simy are my bestest friends. I don't want to go to school without all three of you." 
I jumped off of Uncle Harry's lap and gave her the biggest hug ever. 

Kendra's POV 
I couldn't fall asleep straight after the nurse had left. I was too awake. Simy sighed next to me. 
"It's too bright in here," she complained. 
It was actually dark but I sighed and nodded. The door opened and Bianca came in. 
"Hi," I smiled. 
"How are you feeling?" 
"Bored," I laughed. 
"Only a couple more days," she smiled and sat in the chair next to me. 
I heard Sima moan next to me and looked over at her closed eyes. She was sleeping. 
"What are you doing in here anyway?" I asked Bianca. 
"I'm staying to keep an eye on you. Everyone else has gone home for the night." 
I nodded and she rubbed my hair. 
"You scared me little sis," she said stroking my hair. 
My eyes closed and I felt myself fall asleep. 

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