Life as a baby

Time to have the baby's perspective...


12. What did I even do?

~Meagan POV~

  Oh my gosh yesterday was so much fun, I hope we can come over again because I really want to catch up with Lux and everyone. I woke up to the sound of a big BAM! I got out of my bed and went downstairs. "Daddy, what was that?" I said concerned staring at the mess on the floor. "Oh sweetie, it was just that I was getting out the pan for pancakes and it just all fell out." He said laughing. "Oh okay, I'm just going to be upstairs daddy" I said while walking. I walked half way then I saw my mum's picture, I wish she would finish up in her trip to Toronto because I really want to tell her the news.

-1 hour later-

 I finished taking a shower and getting dressed, I walked down the stairs gracefully while doing some dance moves because it was the day we find out who wins the "Who's the Nicest Game". I ate my pancakes, got my bag and headed out the door and waited in the car for my dad. 5 minutes later my dad came out and we got to school, when I got there, Sima, Kendra and Lux were late. So, I just stood there waiting. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. "Hey!" Someone said as I turned around. "Hi.." I said awkwardly. "I over heard Lux and her friends saying this today-" I stopped her and said "Wait, where are they, this is our usual hangout place!" I said a bit sad. "Let me finish. They said they think your weird and want to kick you out of there group" She said, I walked away angrily and walked up to Lux. 

~Lux POV~

  I was just talking with Keny and Simy because our usual hangout spot was very hot so, we walked in the shade. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Meagan and boy, she looked angry. "Hey Meag-" I said happily then getting cut off by her. "I know you guys want to kick me out of the group?" I was so confused and I saw her trying to not cry. "We didn-" Getting cut off again by her. "Okay I won't talk to you again, if that's what you want! Bye guys...forever!" She said running inside. I stood there quietly and kinda sad. "Let's go inside guys" Simy said to us. We walked inside and sat at our spot. I saw Meagan talking to Mrs.Prizon. "Okay everyone!" She clapped after the bell rang and everyone came inside. "We are switched places now, Robert go sit with Lux and Kendra and Sima. And Meagan sit with Kelly, Angelina, and Michael." She said as Meagan went and sat with them and not making eye contact with us.

  For the rest of the day she didn't talk to us and it got me pretty sad, because she was supposed to come over but I'm really confused, I went to her. "What did I even do?!" I practically screamed at her. "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you, just stop talking to me Lux" She spat back as she walked away in her daddies truck. I just stood there in silence and my head down. I started walking to the other side of the crosswalk because Uncle Harry told us, too because if you park there, all the kindergarteners can't get out. Even though I'm a kindergartener I just walked over to the other side then I just heard a horn then a bright light.

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